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Great buy lindsey, glad you have found a pair of boots that fit you and for the winter months.

Gorgeous boots! As I wear a common size 7.5 or 8 depending on the company, my size is often sold out. However, I've learned not to give up, because sometimes what I want does return in my size-not only with shoes but clothes. I've learned to be patient and if something never turns up again, I feel it wasn't meant to be. Glad to see a new post.

Cynthia: I see that you have been there, too. My partner in shoe passion, Melissa, wears your size, and I hear the same frustrations from her. But thanks to eBay and Poshmark and the like, I have had an amazing track record laying my hands on (and putting my feet in) all sorts of shoes that I couldn't purchase when they first came out. And although I wouldn't have wanted to wait for them, I've seen a lot of shoes I bought when they first came out turn up later at reduced prices. Of course, there are plenty of shoes I've never seen anywhere again so buying new is definitely worth the extra dollars. (For me, one of the ones that got away is a certain Vince Camuto clog style that I actually received from a retailer in a size 11, but sent back because I didn't like the color at the time. I've been watching for ANY color of that clog in my size for the past four years, and it has yet to turn up even though I've run across hundreds of listings for other sizes.)

And as for the McAllen boots, they are a treasure and a pleasure. Though they did come with their own little eye-opening discovery: the soles are not wood! Shocking, isn't it? I was pulling them off the other night and noticed the platform flexing slightly in my hands. That made me take a closer look, and I realized that they're just a fine quality plastic. Still, I'm able to rise above that limitation and enjoy them!

philip: You know as well as I do that at the tall size end of the product line, an online purchase is always a roll of the dice. Even when you get measurements from the seller, their idea of what constitutes an inch may differ from yours. In this case, the boots were too snug when I first got them, but with some shoe stretching and the use of a heel lift to give my toes more room, I've been able to enjoy them.

I've never seen a faux wood so realistic! No one would know unless you told them.

Cynthia: I look back and smile now. There was a time when I would post warning labels on this blog concerning clogs that didn't have wooden soles. It was in mock-seriousness at the time. Given the choice, I would always choose a wood sole, and I thought it was important to make that clear to potential customers. But there have been countless shoes I've bought, wood soles or not, because I loved the look of them so much. I am definitely enjoying these Stuart Weitzmans. Just need the weather to get a bit cooler so I can really let them shine in my wardrobe!

Lindsey congratulations on your persistence. They are gorgeous.

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