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Where do I begin? Your Famolare vintage clog boots are amazing. What a find! I also love JackieLoveClogs and right in my own back yard. I feel a holiday purchase coming on and it sounds like you can score a pair for yourself too. I don't know what it is but I never tire of looking at and wearing clogs. Even when I'm feeling a bit down I can put on a pair of clogs and the world seems right again.

London Lady: I've frequently turned to the benefits of retail therapy when my spirits are low. However, that's a term I would only apply to purchases of new outfits and accessories. The rewards of acquiring new clogs and boots take me to an entirely different level of satisfaction and pleasure!

I'll be sharing a report on a new wood-soled bootie I just picked up that, miracle of miracles, runs large in an 11 and has proven to be a comfortable fit. I'll post about it once I've let this article about JackieLoveClogs get plenty of exposure!

A great read and thumbs up to your efforts on that interview. I also liked the design of those 1970s era Famolare clog boots. Wonderful.

I have workman style clogs with irons and hobnails (picture on here somewhere) that were made at Strong in Caldbeck, the noise they make is fantastic !

I'm obsesssed with the blue Pair, and what a great article and inspiration👏

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