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This is uncanny. I've had Hasbeens on the brain so much so that I visited their pop up shop here in London and scored two pairs at 50% discount. I bought the Huarache Debutant in flame red and the Huarache Slip In in nature. I love the new chunky higher sole. Even with my knee problems the chunky sole is so stable.

London Lady: Yay for savings! You inspire me to do a post sometime about how much I've saved over the years because I didn't pay full price. Keeping ones eyes open for sales can be a wonderful thing. (Just did some needed retail therapy on Friday night and picked up a new cardigan and tee sweater set, a pair of Free People wi-i-i-i-i-ide leg jeans, and a pair of patterned velvet leggings, all on sale at the Nordstrom discount store. Not to mention the Free People tops I found on Tradesy and eBay and the white linen pants to go with the sweater set that I just put a bid in on. New, I would bet this entire haul would have been twice as much.)

London Lady: We'd love to see photos of you rocking your new Hasbeens. I just love the thought of cool clog livening up a London street!

I will take some clogs in action photos and send them your way. I wore the Slip Ins to work yesterday. They are so awesome (to me). I have worn more clogs to work than I ever have this year. It must be a a spiritual thing as walking with wood beneath your feet is like being in touch with nature. I know this sounds weird but it's very healing. Lord knows we need healing in this world.

Congratulations on your bargains. A post on wooden goodness at a discount sounds cool. We take pride in our more for less conquests. I always say that SALE is my favourite 4 letter word. ­čś╗

London Lady: You know I'm going to quote you on that!

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