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Yes Lindsey there can be different sizing between the same brand .The Bastad clog sizing for me range from a 38 with the backstrap sandal, a 39 in the standard clog and a 40 with the padded upper and also the boots. Scandic clogs can be purchased at Shoebuy.com.

It is so nice to curl up once again with my cat and my favorite blog! If anyone tries the Scandia boots, I'd love to know how they fit compared to Sven, Swedish has evens, or No.6---all of which are too narrow for me. But the shrunken cowhide Scandia boots look yummy!

I was a little disappointed with Scandic Footwear that there are only 2 clogs for men and 13 for women. I would love to see more sandal type for men or just in larger sizes. Hint hint. Love the black sandal clogs on the model. The Floggs are awesome. Alas I can only enjoy them from a far. Oh well sometimes that is the trill of the hunt Come on 43 and 44 size clogs.

Thanks for your insight of dansko sizing. I can wear from a 41 to a 44 in danskos or sanitas depending on the style and have stayed away from some of the styles you displayed for fear of them not fitting right.

Got to send photos of my funky Danskos but off to Spain to sing. Will check in when I get back.

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