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There are so many ways that I relate to your story. Good grief though, you poor thing getting stuck in those wingtip loafers as a kid. I always lived in fear of needing a back and neck brace due to some scolosis resulting from my chest deformity and those yearly back screenings at school always scared the dickens out of me, but at least my legs and feet weren't on anyone's agenda.
Anyway, looking forward to the next chapter that you share.

Over the holidays I missed getting on your site as much as I like, so tonight I got to read your story. Like one of the readers who commented on a previous chapter, I did not realise that you are a guy. It certainly doesn't matter to me. You are a great writer and a class act! Like you, I have admired and worn women's style shoes for years, and I have a special weakness for clogs (especially wooden ones!) In fact, your blog has opened me up to new brands such as Uggs (2 pairs), Multnomah (2 pairs) and a pair from Tessa Clogs. Thanks for publishing your story. It might help some of us that are struggling with who we are. Keep up the great work! One way that I have rationalized my footwear choice is a statement that I have made in a couple of comments on your blog--Why should the ladies have all the fun? Take care....

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