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I read a fair assortment of blogs—none as regularly as ECHID*—so I feel comfortable with the assessment that bloggers generally share too much of themselves for my comfort. In fact, isn't it a blog cliche: many bloggers are hoping for their 15 minutes of fame by posting images of what they have on, where they went for a drink, and friends making silly faces for the phone?

One of my favorite things about ECHID is that you share your subject with alacrity and panache, and share just enough about yourself that we are connected to the subject matter on an equal footing (hee!) with the writer.

After years of following ECHID, I am ready to know more of your own story—through your passion for and knowledge about your subject, you have made me crave YOU—who is this person, whose experiences and pratfalls have wrought such a funny, insightful, skilled writer?

Lindsey, thank you for your constant generosity. I eagerly await the next chapter!

* No one else posts almost daily like you do, Lindsey.

Wow! I didn't know you're a Guy!!!

Judy: Well, no one's perfect.

Ha ha! Yes, I agree. But maybe this blog is close to perfect, at least to me. You write about clogs and I am obsessed, so YAY! I love this blog and I love that you write it with savior faire. And it sounds like there's a love story a'comin and I love that too. One might say I'm full of love right now too. I'm getting married soon and I swear to DOC (thank you), I'm wearing clogs at my wedding!
Here's to the New Year!

Lindsey, I'm enjoying the story, but it is also reminds so much of my own growing up. I wasn't very interested either in playing with toy trucks or playing army, I was more interested in my little garden, or learning how to do crafts. But on the other hand I was completely fascinated with carpentry and anything that had to do with dirt and water. Today I design and administer public projects that involve just that.... dirt and water, with some asphalt, concrete, and steel thrown in for good measure. But nonetheless, much of what I love is really not the typical domain of the male gender. Case in point is my love of horses and in particular trick riding on them. Even though it's a high speed, truly dangerous sport/art, it's participants are 98% female. So I just shake my head and wonder, why wouldn't a typical macho type of guy be drawn to something like this....but they're not. So back to shoes, I too kept my passion pretty much a hidden thing for most of my life. In recent years though I'm far more inclined to let my fashion sense show itself, nonetheless with due regard to the environment and people I will be around.

But a love for great footwear may alter the course of someone else's life and that certainly is true in the case of my wife and her recent severe ankle injury. Had it not been for my grave concern that she could get stuck wearing nothing more than rocker bottom sneakers for the rest of her life, she could have been persuaded by well meaning, but nonetheless partially clueless surgeons, to undergo a surgical procedure that would have ultimately caused severe limitations in her footwear choices and would have also left her technically crippled. So while many people do not in any way "get" the shoe thing, in this case it is altering the course of someone's life, hopefully to a much better outcome than would have otherwise happened.

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