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A brilliant start to your auto biography. Can't wait for the next chapter. Did you have any connection with Oral Roberts in Oklahoma, { The tower of Power}.

I've been waiting 10 days and now I have to wait more??? Oh well, as my wife always says "The best time to put a book down is when it's getting really good". Can't wait until tomorrow.

What an interesting story - so well written (as is your entire blog). I wonder what the surprises, plot twists and unexpected developments will be.

Wow. Can't wait for the rest of your story. Hurry, write more! :)

Great story. I've had the same fascination with footwear from my youth as well - clogs, platforms, moccasins, ballet flats (not sneakers unless they were clog styles). Luckily I was not in a repressed small town but in a big liberal city (but we still had our haters). I remember classmates names and styles as well! I knew you were a boy for some time and never thought anything of it. YOU will be the cross-footwear pioneer for those who follow, and what better shoes than clogs to do it in. I met a wonderful woman too who is OK with whatever we like. It's good that you are so happy! What if everyone were as fortunate as we are?

How many more clog lovers here made a stop in Framingham, Massachusetts?

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