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One of the best bass guitarist song in the world and one of my favourites from Pink Floyd , Another brick in the wall.

A few songs I forgot to mention , LIKE A PRAYER by MADONNA and SWEET HOME CHICAGO by the Blues Bros and Don't sing that song by John Paul Young. I'm sure that when the radio announcer played Sweet home Chicago they had a coffee break.

Philip: Actually, I've heard rumors that the ability to run to the bathroom during "Bohemian Rhapsody" is one of the things that got it played so much on Top 40.  

Lindsey, I'd bet Freddie Mercury is laughing boisterously at the thought that bladder control (or perhaps intestinal fortitude?) made a hit out of his rock opera!

Must have photo of Shadow Stud + costume!

Jan: It's a deal! I plan to get some shots from the party itself!

I was noticing your clogs at last night's benefit.

Jill: Thanks for attending! It was a joy making music with all those different people! 

The clog bootie I had on was the Storytime from BC Footwear, one of the more popular styles on this blog. I featured it on my feet and on the feet of a couple of regular readers in this post:

While I'm away, a Storytime! - Every Clog Has Its Day


Unfortunately, it came on the market about a year ago, and by now I think it's pretty much out of stock. It is a very comfortable and versatile shoe. Definitely worth pouncing on if you can find a pair available!

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