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Because of this blog, I have admired—and written about—Cordero's designs. A pair of her clogs figured prominently in a major life event for me. And her ad campaigns are always a visual feast. But now to learn each wooden sole is sculpted free-hand?! Holy crow! That is serious artistry, that is. Thank you so much for sharing this info, Lindsey—I will view her work with more awe than ever before.

aw geez, now I may have to have a pair.

Debby: I know how you feel. The closer I looked, the more I wanted to own a pair of her beautifully crafted shoes. In the interview I did with Calleen on ECHID, she told the story of getting her first pair of shoes made and taking them home to just stare at them for hours. I can relate. A well-crafted shoe is a thing of wonder and joy!

Debby: I forgot to mention that I found a number of my Cordero shoes on eBay for about half the price of the originals. Could be worth a Saved Search in your size!

Melissa: I, too, have a pair of Calleen Corderos that is now sacred to me, as important as a significant gesture or a signature turn of phrase. How wonderful that there are things that help capture and symbolize important moments for us!

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