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I am a former sufferer of plantar fasciitis. The exercises and the most supportive footwear on the planet aka clogs, cured me as well. I can testify to the healing properties of wooden goodness. Sounds a bit evangelical... but hopefully not in a scary way.

Troentorp's are fabulous and I still have a pair that I bought 20 years ago. This has been my favourite this past summer.


When I bid on those Canyon River clogs I figured you might get them, and I was up flying an airplane when the auction was ending... so glad to know they went to as good of home as possible besides my closet. You'll have to post some pics of them when you get them. By the way, do they run small or large.... maybe I could keep my eyes open for a smaller size if thats the case. By the way, I finally got some shots riding my horse in a pair of my favorite Mia clogs. I'll send a few pics soon.

Thanks for the shout out...

FYI -- Troentorp clogs are the bomb especially if you have to be on your feet all day.

Grace and JH: Get thee to your local professional shoe repair specialist. If they are of European origin, all the better. My Alaska Troentorpe retailer recommends a shoe repair shop in a local area mall that does excellent work on their clogs. I'm sure you can locate one close to where you live and work. Everything on the durable Picasso can be repaired or replaced. Give the US distributor, Swedish Comfort of Blaine, MN a call. They may be able to help.
Tim Davis
Homer, AK

Glad you won them! I see you had to bid against Tracy though.
I was holding off telling anyone about those Canyon River clogs because I always loved them and wanted them at first. But then I realized I would never find the right time and place to wear them and I have too many shoes as it is (I am finally starting to downsize, so if any clogs go I will let the folks here know), so I was hoping you would want them. I recalled seeing your pics of another pair in the past.
Tracy, looking forward to pics of Mias. Always loved them!

Tracy: Oh, I am sorry! I was afraid I'd be bidding against a reader. I've got a closet purge in the near future. If you're interested, I'll contact you for first dibs! 

Size wise, the Canyon River Blues clogs fit me nicely in an 11. I have an 11" foot, but the shoe fits me nicely without much heel hanging off the back. By contrast, my MIA Mary Janes are a 10 that I can wear comfortably, but I probably could have used a 12.

As for shots of you horseback with MIA clogs on, yes! Please do send those along! 

Definitely let me know on the closet purge, there just might be something I don't already have. My foot is 10.5" so I definitely get into the little bit smaller sizes without a problem, just depends on the maker and the style.

Tracy: Ha! Well, let me know if you ever buy anything that turns out to be too large!

Lindsey, the photos of wearing my Mia clogs while horseback are loaded in my computer and ready to send, so I suppose regular email will be the simplest way to get them to you. It was getting towards evening and I had my eight year old son on the camera, but he did a fairly good job. There are several shots, both close up and while in motion. One "non-clog" photo is included showing me at a performance wearing the usual prerequisite wrestling shoes worn while trick riding. I love cowboy boots and wear them most of the time, but absolutely not for trick riding.... it's too hard to stand up on a running horse in them! I'll add some comments with each photo when I send them. So if you can email me, I'll get them off to you. I must admit I don't think I've ever seen a photo of anyone wearing clogs while riding and definitely not while trick riding, so its definitely unusual.

Tracy: Will do. You can always reach me via e-mail by going to the About page and clicking on the e-mail link. But I'll send a message to you directly in just a moment.


Grace, thank you for sharing your coworker's story—I do so love a man in clogs!

Tracy, so looking forward to seeing you riding in clogs! I recall when Dansko first started with their manmade soles (made for them under contract with Sanita), they were on paddock boots and came with the admonishment to not try riding in them! Humorous to see how they have entirely moved on to the fashion realm.

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