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I am loving the Storytime, but can I love fabric upper and manmade sole? Hmm...

I could for the right price. They look so comfy.

I couldn't help myself. I wore their previous clog bootie, the Outerspace, so much last winter, I felt like I had to at least see how this one works with my wardrobe. Rest assured, I will report my findings online.

I cannot wait for your report. Zappos only has 3 left in my size.

I ordered mine from Endless.com who also supply the listing for Amazon.com. You might consider them as back up options. And though I haven't checked, I'll bet they're available through the BC Footwear website. I think that was where I ordered my original Outerspace pair.

Oh! I just did pay a visit to the BC Footwear website (yes, all sizes are currently available), and I was delighted to learn that the faux fur cuff on the Storytime folds up if you want. None of the retailers carrying that style had it pictured with the cuff up so I was starting to assume that it was fixed in place. But no, it's flexible. My concern about ordering the bootie was that it might not work with some of my straight leg pants. But if I can pull the cuff out of the way, all will be well with the world!

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