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Great video, Lindsey! I love it. We should see more clogs in action!

What's the name of the clogs you're wearing when you open the door?

The logo for the clogs is Sbicca.

Do you have a good leather care person in your neighborhood? I haven't found any "home remedy" effective for getting oil out of suede---my mother-in-law positively ruined a brown suede chair with potato salad sploops, and using three diff treatments on three diff spots---nada! And both the "absorbing" suggestions (cornmeal, baby powder) made the spots worse!

Holy smokes, that olive oil and butter accident sounds horrific.
However, on a brighter note: 1) LOVE your gif. and 2) LOVE the men's Mohop sandals - I hope I get to see some men wearing them! (drat the coming of the long midwestern winter).

Glad you enjoyed it. The animation started off with the Charli-C clogs from Jeffrey Campbell on my feet.

Great video. You should model all of your collection in action.

Ha! Thanks for planting the seed!

Thank you! I'll let that other reader know.

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