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Love the new sandals. The quality of wood is awesome and looks top quality.

Please give me your heart on Swedish Hassbeens site. I have entered a contest to win a pair of clogs. My photo is called "Equality in wood clogs". I must call out to all my clog people to support me. Please have a heart for me. There are clogs at stake here.

I voted for you Evan. I hope you win. Remember, Hasbeens run small. Order a size up.

thank you London lady. As of today we are in 49th place out of 58. We are only 195 hearts out of 1 st place. I think I would have a "Lindsey clogasm" if I won the unisex clogs boots.

Hey, I love your entry! And what's more, I have a pair of those "off road sandals" at the rear of your line up of shoes! I knew you had great taste!

Great minds think a like. With the search for wood footwear brings you across many styles. Some can be a lot of fun. These are the clogs that we have in common. There are other that just don't match.

Great minds, yes. But also footwear fans with a discriminating eye for proportion and sizzle. There are a number of styles that most of us agree on. I think it's because those styles press all the right buttons in the right balance.

Hi Lindsey, hows the sole on the new BC's? Manmade? Heavy? Light? Comfy? Thanks!

I'm planning to feature this new BC clog bootie all by itself in an upcoming post. I think it's that good!

But to answer your question: the midsole is manmade, not wood. And the upper is some sort of fabric material. It reminds me of durable felt. I'm actually wearing mine today 'cause I was going to be on my feet a lot. They're quite comfortable in my opinion. And light? Let me tell you, when I picked up the box from Amazon.com in my lobby, I couldn't believe there was a pair of shoes inside!

Also worth mentioning: I've gotten some compliments on them in just a couple days of wearing them. They're very cute on the feet. Even in my end of the spectrum size. I'd mark these as recommended. They're not the most amazing clog boots evah, but they are a very decent shoe at a very reasonable price.

Thanks for the feedback! I may have to get these over the Kork Ease Maya that I'm currently drooling over.

Oh, dear! Regular reader Melissa Krebs has the Maya, and I've seen 'em on her. They are awesome, too. Boy, that's a tough call!  

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