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Lindsey, I don't think the brand on the mystery wedge is Sbicca. The logo looks exactly like the one inside of an awesome cutout wood wedge I got from ebay seller handmadeinitaly.


The brand on the box is Tradeffort. Below are a couple of links to the brand in their shop:



Love the blog, btw, but my bank account doesn't!! Would love to attend a meet up in Chicago, if the timing is right.....

rhonda scott

Nadines rhymes with jeans, and those two look awesome together!

Since I followed your lead and purchased the BC Footwear OuterSpace Clog Bootie last year, I again jumped on the bandwagon and ordered the Storytime in black yesterday. I was wondering if the flap folded up or not. Thanks for doing the research for me. I think mine should arrive today!

Mine just arrived today! And as hard as this may be to believe, I'm actually checking my e-mail before I dig 'em out and try 'em on. I'll post details.

I think we regularly wipe out stock after Lindsey finds our new shoes for us!

Why thank you! I'm rocking them today with black cords, black top, black sweater, and a green-so-dark-it-might-as-well-be-black nail polish. My party colors.

I have to agree! Thank you! More research will be done! And you will be credited!

(I was kinda thinking that wedge clog looked more upscale than a typical Sbicca style.)

Just a quick note to say my Storytime clog booties did arrive. And they're perfect. Bring on winter! I'm ready for it! (Every clog fan needs a pair of shoes they don't mind trudging through the slush in.)

@Natealine - not only do we live near each other and have nieces in Chicago, I too bought the BC Outerspace clog booties after Lindsey wrote about them! Maybe Lindsey would send each of us the other's email address so we arrange a clog-fueled meeting. But Natealine - how can we wear the warm Storytime boots in sunny California? Such a problem!

Love the new sandals. The quality of wood is awesome and looks top quality.

Please give me your heart on Swedish Hassbeens site. I have entered a contest to win a pair of clogs. My photo is called "Equality in wood clogs". I must call out to all my clog people to support me. Please have a heart for me. There are clogs at stake here. http://abravenewworld.swedishhasbeens.com/

Wonderful! I'll be submitting an entry, too! I'll encourage the community here to vote for both of us!

Evan, I'll give you my heart on the Hasbeens site. ;->

Thank you Johanna. Gifts from the or at least of the heart are best. Lindsey I will put out the word to my friends as soon as your post is up. Keep it all in the family. We can compare our new clogs.

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