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Those Roska's are yummy. I too go weak at the knees with clogs that have rivets. They come in three colours and quite reasonable and the heel is 3.5", more my speed. Anything over 4" and I fall down, unlike a Weeble that just wobbles.

Let's see, doing the math...

€134.95 = £117.39 = Not bad = $183.95 Hmm... Kind of a budget denter

Just got a reply from Friis & Company. They've asked someone in the warehouse to estimate the size of the inner sole. I wait for further news with antici--

Love the Mista boot. Think this would look good on a man too. Pair them with a girl on my right arm wearing Henry Cuir bootie and now we have head turners. I just more time, space and money.

Emergency shoe fund! Now there's a great idea. I'm starting mine right away. I quite like the Henry Cuir ankle booties, and the Roska's too...

Those Timberland Marge clogs look nice and warm for the winter. Some of the other booties are interesting but the heel height is too low for my tastes, too much like the Sanitas or Bastads I wear at work. Those Henry Cuir booties are about the lowest I like to go on a heel, anything under 3½-4 inches is a "flat" for me. Now all I need is the money!

I second that emotion!

I've already used up my 2012 fund.

It's not a big stretch to take that from the women's department to the men's department style-wise, that's for sure!  

Just start a 2013 fund. You have to be practical in these things.

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