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You have my sympathy.

A lovely tribute; you make me wish I could have known her. I am sorry for your loss, and hold you and your family in my thoughts.

My condolences to you.
A touching tribute to your mother and family.

I am so sorry for your loss.

Such a moving tribute. My prayers to you and your family.

God bless u and your family.

When my 16 year old Labrador moved on this year people would say "they were sorry for my loss." The thing is that I gained so much with the dog in my life that I was a better person knowing her. I do not mean to compare your mom with a dog but, with the fact that your mom created a person who is loved and appreciated by all the readers here on ECHID. I know that there are not any words that will change how you are feeling now. I will say that I look forward to your post everyday with the excitement of a dog seeing her owner come home. Thank you for sharing with us. It makes me feel like extended family.

I hope peace and comfort finds you soon.

Cheers mom.

I'm Very Sorry to hear of your Loss!
i know how tough this is as I lost my Father when I was 11 and my Mother 15 years ago.
But she will live for forever in your memories.
May God Bless you and all of you family!

I am so sorry to hear this. We must hold the happy memories of our mothers in our hearts and let them soothe us as we grieve. This has helped me over the last seven years . . .

My condolences.

Lindsey, that was a very special piece of writing... and a fitting tribute to your beloved mother. Wishing you strength and condolences...

Lindsey, I'm so sorry. I missed reading your blog yesterday and look what I missed. A truly beautiful, moving tribute to a wonderful woman.

What a lovely memoir Lindsey... I hope those lovely memories will wrap themselves around you and give you warmth whenever you're feeling the chill of your loss

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful tribute. For those who have lost a parent(s), the end days are not always their best. It's the earlier memories that will help keep them with us. Sorry for your loss. Our thoughts are with your family.

My sincere condolences. The loss of a parent at any age is difficult. You are, however, blessed to have had her with you for so many years. My Mom died at age 56 from breast cancer over 20 years ago. You penned a fantastic tribute.

PS: I should add that I can relate to the ethnic background. My Mom was half Swedish and half German, second hubby is of Dutch and Italian descent. But we were Nordic "minorities"--all Roman Catholic. (I think the Catholics in Sweden can meet in a phone booth!) First hubby was Scots-Irish and forever picking a fight, always looking for trouble, not the qualities you look for in a police officer.

Again, my heart goes out to you. We just buried my widowed aunt (and godmother) back in October. She suffered from Alzheimer's since 2003 and I was her primary care giver, along with some hired help. A very hard thing to watch as she deteriorated. Death was a relief for her.

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