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So many beautiful clogs in this post!

To celebrate your 2nd anniversary, I went mad and ordered TWO pairs of Sanita's. (Imagine the riot when it's your 10th anniversary...)

Congratulations on two incredible years! You've succeeded in getting me back in heels---no small accomplishment, that---which makes me happy; I've purchased all my favorite shoes because of you, which also makes me happy. You've been fun, inspirational, informative, supportive, educational, and you've become a good friend. It's sort of like I found my heart's desire on ECHID, and I don't think any of your faithful readers would find that idea far-fetched at all.

Hooray! I'm excited to see the clogs your other readers have! I think my favorites from above are the Calleen Corderos, the George clogs, and the Mohops, which reminds me: Another shoe I want to hunt down is the Matisse Savannah in winter white. Oh how I covet that shoe.

Also, I echo what Melissa says: Your blog has gotten me back into heels, which I never thought possible. When I bought my first pair of jodhpurs, I thought they towered. Then I got those Kybele booties, and holy man! I couldn't believe I was able to walk in something that high. Now all my Swedish Hasbeens feel like nothing at all, and my former 2-inchers feel like flats.

Happy Birthday ECHID!!! Looking forward to another great year to being under the influence of your power! My feet also look forward to more cool clogs to oogle over and collect!

Happy Anniversary Lindsey!

I can remember the day I found you. I found you while googling under "stylish funky clog". Little did I know where the powers of Google would take me!I was taken on the path of clog enlightenment. Can I hear a "Rock On Sister!".
Each day there is a new treasure to look at and dream about! Better than that...it's a sense of belonging. I have found a community of clog and wooden heel lover's!
Get ready for me to be deep and soul bearing.
I've turned 40. I have no probs with it(well not many). Want to know why? I've got a closet with killer shoes. Each time I slip on a pair of my wooden heeled clogs or boots and I've suddenly taken on a Sexy Rock Star quality!! Thank you Lindsey! MUAH!!!!! xoxoxo~~Cydb

It's driving me crazy -- what are the brown clogs? The ones with the lovely leather covering the heel with the white/beige stitch edging? Where can I find them?

D'oh! My apologies for having the incorrect web page linked for that section. I've corrected it now in today's post. That link should have taken you here:

What's New? (as of June 8, 2011) - Every Clog Has Its Day

Where you could have viewed with delight the "Leather covered clog from CAFé NOIR". Which, happily, is still on sale in multiple colors through YOOX here:

CAFe'NOIR Women - Footwear - Mules CAFe'NOIR on YOOX United States

Just for the record: you're not alone. Sometimes trying to find a clog drives me crazy, too.

Thanks -- I knew I've seen these somewhere else. I had my magnifying glass up to my monitor screen trying to figure out who made these beauties. Has anyone out there tried these on? Are they comfy?

Oy vey, if I told you how many shoes I had in my "Dream Box" you wouldn't believe it. These may have to actually make it to my cart.

Congrats on the two years, Lindsay. I'm a relatively new follower and read your blog every day now. It's well written (so many blogs aren't) and interesting -- almost like talking to a bud over a cup of joe. I have to stop buying shoes though...can't sell 'em on ebay faster than I can buy 'em.

Thanks for the info and enjoy your anniversary.

Thank you! And welcome aboard!

Hi Lindsey!
Congratz on 2 years of a AWESOME Blog that I try and read everyday and I do Love your Posts!
I was so Glad the day I found your BLog when I was on the fence about Buying the Jeffrey Campbell IVKA's!
You really helped me decide to get them!
Now I can't wait to wear them out Shopping and such Just as soon as its not 100 degrees outside!
2 more months and I will be Styling them in the Malls of OZ!(Kansas)
(What an AWESOME picture we could take some day of us both wearing them! Now that would be truly ROCKING!)
Love all the folks that post here and some day I would really LOve to see us all try and get together for some sort of Meet Up some day some way!
And if any can Mastermind such an Adventure It will be Lindsey!

I am sorry that I could not add to your post for this day. In general I was in love when I found your post. Then the day came when you added the guy day Friday. It not only opened the guys can wear clogs and not have to be gay, but it added that girls do love guys who wear clogs. All that guys need is a little bit of encouragement. To that note when Bastad announced that the are making clog sandals up to 47 on your then woop woop yeah yeah buddy. I am so amazed how much you find and write on clogs.


p.s. 47 is the new 41

Yes, congrats on 2 years of a totally rockin' blog. Even a lot of women don't "get it" with shoes, never mind the men in our lives! I have been a hopeless show freak since I was a small child. Mind you, my Mother was not, so I did not "inherit" this from her. I guess my brain is just "hard wired" for shoes!

I got so incredibly lucky as hubby #2 totally gets the shoe thing and enjoys shopping with me, very adventurous for a guy with footwear, but he did sell women's shoes in the 70s.

How many of you gals out there can get your guy to wear high-heel clogs and he think it's fun? I hit the "shoe lottery" with this guy, nothing like "neo-Nazi" control-freak hubby #1, plus he knows so much about shoes from having been in the business. Going shopping with him is like having your BGF with you. How cool is that? And never a lecture on how much you're spending on shoes or any clothing, for that matter.

well i freaking LOVE your blog! i wish i knew about it for the whole 2 years you've been posting, but i am glad to be here now. i look forward to your daily posts and inspiration to expand my clog collection. i am sort of a Dansko addict and would like to go other places! it's so nice to be in the company of other clog peeps!

Welcome aboard! There's lot to enjoy here. And of course, tons of clogs to consider!

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