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Great interview! I hope you reminded Dave the there are numbers higher than 41. I've got my eye on a pair of Seattle boots, but my magic foot-shrink ray machine is broken.

This is my favorite type of post: clogs, boots, and perhaps even more appealing, backstory and history. Thank you, Lindsey, for continuing every single day to provide us with information, interviews, insights, and all your hard work. Good on ya!

Love the style of these clogs. I agree with George that 47 should be the new 41. That ash lilac would make a great his/hers combination.

I applaud that. In more ways than one. I do favor seeing a few more unisex styles and sizes on the market (which I take to be your meaning). But I also like the idea of a "his/hers combination" in which a couple both own and wear the same style. 

Yes couples can look good with the same style as long as the whole outfit is not the same. (looks too much like twins. I like that they are close to each other but, not the same. I will have to post some of our styles.

P.S. If I lived closer to you your a/c would have been fixed in a day.

Bless you! I forgot you were in that line of work! Actually, the repairperson did replace the freon initially, and the system seemed to be doing the job for about two or three hours that day.  But then something teetered over and died, and the indoor unit of my central air that usually is cold to the touch with moisture beading on the outside felt pretty much like room temperature. The upshot was that the unit was as old as the building (16 years), and if they put a new compressor in, the system might fail again and take it with it. So I'm having a new central air installed tomorrow. Fingers crossed that everything goes well and works. 

Ash Lilacs would make perfect his/hers pairs.

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