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Great find. I plan to buy a pair, but will probably try on first to make sure of fit. I think these are great and meet my desire for a traditional clog with a high heel for a guy. I don't think my wife will object to my wearing these out of the house.

I'm wondering if a women's US 12 would fit my husband (euro 43-44)? I know 11 is way too small, but sometimes a 12 will be narrow even though it fits length wise.

I definitely would want him in a black pair of Kaylees, hell, I'll get matching pairs. With a boot-cut jean, they will look awesome. He's worn western boots with a 3" heel, so 4" on a clog will be OK, as long as it's with a boot-cut jean.

I just hate to order things that I wind up returning, especially if I have to eat the return postage, both ways.

Matt Paul,

The calamari at DaNico's is awesome. It's lightly battered so you're not crunching through thick batter that belongs on chicken fingers. The calamari itself is so tender, it melts in your mouth. We know the manager, Frank, and get extra-special attention--he will seat us on the second floor even if that section is closed, it's like a private dining room--but the food is excellent even if you get a "stiff" as a waiter. We sit at the sidewalk tables if it's not too hot or humid. It's a classic NYC Little Italy eatery, but there are lots of others.

We were fortunate that hubby inherited a townhouse in the West Village, otherwise we could never afford to live where we do. It's great to be within walking--"clogging"--distance of so much in Lower Manhattan.

Well, time to check out those UGG Kaylees.

Hi Lindsey!
So what size did you order the UGG's Kaylees in a 12 or a 11?
I showed them to the wife and she LOVED them!
I think we are going to get matching pairs!
I'm thinking that if they run like most UGGs then they should be True to sise.
I was wondering what your thoughts were on that and did you get the suede or the leather?
Decisions, Choices, and Clogs OH MY!

Hi Kathy Ann!
Oh the Calamari sounds so YUMMY!
And yes IKWYM about places that ruin it with thick batter or OVER COOK IT and turn it in to RUBBER!
As Far as the UGG Kaylees go Are they AWESOME or what!
Does Lindsey find the Cool Stuff or what!
I think I would say give them a try and like Lindsey said, we can always take them back!
I think that we all need these!
I would get Hubby the 12's and you should get yours in your regular size 8 If i remember right!
I think I'll order ours tonight I just wanted to see what size Lindsey got!
And I got to go to work right now. :(
Oh I did find the link I had for this site that seems to have a quite a QUALITY non Fetish shoes in Larger women's sizes!
I know that quite a few girls from over on "The Purse Forum" recommend them very favorably!
Talk to You all later tonight!

I own the Abbie clog from UGG in a size 11/42, and it fits quite nicely so I felt emboldened to go with the 11 in the Kaylee. I'm hoping for no surprises!

Thanks Lindsey!
Thats what I wanted to hear!
So what to get???????
I really want to get me and the wife a matching pair of one of these 3 styles! but which one!
Uggs Kaylee's
But Which Color????
And which material Suede or Leather????

Jeffrey Campbell ELEVATOR FUR Tiger Stripe's
Oh How I LoVE ANIMAL Prints!

Jeffrey Campbell El Carmen in Stars & Stripes
These would be Oh So Haute for the 4th Of July don't you think!

Oh this is SOOOOOOOOOOOO Hard to decide!!!!!
Please Help!!!!!!

Sorry to make you wait, but I wanted the news to come out in a blog post. Please report back about your pair when it finally arrives and you can road test it!

I'm thinking of ordering matching black ones. If the size 12 doesn't fit him, then we'll return them. Unfortunately, they're not available for a few months. Ugh!!! (Get it, UGG?)

Hey, Matt Paul, aren't we lucky to have Lindsey maintaining this blogsite? I wouldn't have the time, God bless her for her work, she deserves a medal!

And how lucky are we the have open-minded spouses? I mean, how many wives out there can get their hubby's to wear a 4" women's clog and think it's fun.

I still get "heat" from my GFs that hubby dresses too "gay"; mind you, I encourage it. Another secret: hubby wears men's pantyhose made by Gerbe in France. He has bad circulation in his legs and a vascular doc recommended the men's pantyhose. (Not cheap either, about $50 a pair!)

So I'm married to a guy who wears men's panythose and women's high-heel clogs, without batting an eyelash, he could care less what other people think--never has, ever will. My GFs say I'm nuts or he's nuts--i.e. "gay"--but I love it, so what's their problem? In the final analysis, it's just goddam clothes, good Lord, get over it!

I've been thinking the same thing for years. First, fix the economy. Then, get our schools sorted out. Then, pass the damn health care legislation that our country needs. And THEN, come and complain about the way people dress. Get your frickin' priorities straight!

Hi Kathy Ann!
Sorry for the late reply but we were out of town!
And then my Internet was down this morning!
Any How Yes we are So Lucky to Lindsey and her great Passion for Clogs and this Blog She is just INCREDIBLE!
As far as AWESOME wives, goes......
Well I know of 2... You and my wife!
WOW! I wonder what your GF would say if she meet me!
I think it's so funny that she says the "GAY" word and yet your Hubby and I both have a wonderful LOVING wife and are very heterosexual!
I LOVE people like her like I say deep down inside she is most likely jealous of what you 2 have together!
And that is why she says what she does!

Lindsey, you are so AWESOME!
And I really mean that! :) :) :)
And you are so Spot on in what you say!
The reason they complain about clothes and shoes and the way we dress is it is a whole lot easier than doing anything else!

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