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Lindsey you are such the AWESOME ENABLER!
I'm in some SERIOUS Lust and Want at the moment!
I just got done Looking at all of the NEW JC's at Solestruck and I want way to many pairs!
And then I saw these:
My Question is what do you all think?
Be Honest!
Should I even try?
Could I ever pull these off?
Would I even dare to be so bold?
I have neve tried to pull off wearing CLOG/Pumps before but there is alway the first time!
I So want those......
But do I DARE!!!!!!!

Do you dare, Matt?!

Here's a better question: what will you lose by doing it? Your lover? Your income? Your best friend? The roof over your head? Your transportation? Your creativity? Your balance?

If buying and rockin' those awesome shoes loses you anything but the latter, then don't do it; otherwise, it's harmless fun, right?

(At 55, I am mostly immune to the murmured comments of people around me—I chalk up their gossip to jealousy and give 'em a wink!)

Hi Melissa!
You are So Right!
And the answer is NO I won't lose any of those things Not even my Balance!
My wife is the most understanding and best friend any one could ever have!
And really there is Not that much difference in wearing them and me wear My JC Zebra Ticks!
And I have worn those a bunch of times out to Breakfast at Cracker Barrel and out Shopping in the mall with the wife!
Well really the only difference is Color and one's a wedge Bootie and one's Pump Clog Style!
I guess I just never have worn a Pump Clog Style's and in the end it just another pair of ROCKIN' Shoes!
And yes I totally agree I LOVE to just smile at those that are the defenders of the moral Majority!
Or like I like to say, "Life is to Short to Not ENJOY Every Moment & Part of IT! (I just Happen to LOVE too Express This on My Feet!) LOL!

If these Litas were available in larger sizes, I'd die to get my husband in a pair out and about in public, what fun! If they had his size, he'd lace up and head out without a second thought. God bless him, he'll literally wear anything I ask him to, it's that damn size 11 brick wall!

Hi Kathy Ann!
I feel your pain!
But you should get you and him both a matching pair of some of the Glitter ones!
They do come in his size!
and yours!
And you and him would look SO AWESOME together!
Actually me and the wife like to do this from time to time!
It is so much fun!
Here is My Problem......
I want them all!!!!!!!!!!!LOL!!!!
and what the BAD Part is THEY HAVE THEM IN SIZE 11!
I really wanted these but they sold out!
I thought they looked way to Cool in the Stars and Stripes!
Some Day.....Some Day!!!!

Headed out for dinner, weather here is severely overcast and gloomy, just peeking in one last time before we hit the bricks, with umbrellas.

I would definitely do a matching pair, rock on! Will have to check out that link tomorrow.

I managed to do something I haven't done in many moons: get most of the old facial piercings in, it was tough but I managed to force everything in. The tourists from Podunk visiting Little Italy will get an eyeful of the aging biker babe.

Well, here's to a nice Chianti and some wonderful penne pasta in vodka sauce.

PS: My 4½-year-old actually eats and likes fried calamari; how cool is that?


And kudos on the little gourmet you're raising. When my kids were in grade school, their favorite food was gazpacho! I can relate to your pride!

Hi Kathy!

You and your Hubby will look AWESOME wearing them together!
It really is a lot of fun!
In fact I half a mind to buy the wife and I the same pair of them as well!
Or..... Maybe the Orange and Black ones!!!!
Or maybe these?

And yes Kathy and your Hubby will ROCK the folks from Podunk tonight!
Trust me I know lots of them they live all around me here!
That's why I have so much fun Living here!

And your Daughter how AWESOME!
I LOVE Calamari!
The best I ever ate was down on the Baja on a surfing trip during the 80's!
(It is actually where they catch most of the Humboldt Squid that most restaurants use!)
Nothing like freshly caught and fried or grilled and some Yellow Fin Tuna on the grill with it!
On the beach with perfect waves at sunset and Dos Exes Beer!
Ok Now I made myself want some!

Just wrapping up dinner. My daughter is exhausted. Headed home. Had a great time. I starred as the "freak show" ie tattooed lady. Will post details tomorrow. Great fun.

I want the zebra ones!!!

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