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I surmise you love black (although as a blond, I would think blue would be your color!), so... black jeans? Not at all that I take issue with any of your clothing choices, but jeans and clogs are the world's sexiest, really...

Of course, clogs and trousers are so unexpected.

And unexpected is sexy as f**k.

Blond, yes, but no fondness for blue for some reason. Perhaps I didn't study enough color theory. And to  be honest, not a lot fondness for denim, either. I did go through a black leggings phase years ago, but once I hit 50, I felt moved to retire that look for good. Having said that, I do have a number of long legged, flared jeans to wear with my high heeled clogs. It is indeed a sexy look whether accented by a cool sweater, a brightly patterned shirt, or a skintight knit top. But if those jeans I own had been manufactured in some color other than indigo, I would definitely have bought them instead.

Corduroys have been my default casual pant style now. A strongly colored pair with a flared leg looks just as sweet when teamed with a pair of clogs.

Or course, if you want unexpected, I'll pull out one of the 14 pairs of leather pants I have in my closet. Or perhaps the leather kilt. The trousers are in an array of colors...from black (of course) to burgundy to olive green to brown to snake print to crocodile print to grey suede and back to black (black suede). What I have not found, though, is a pair of clogs or clog boots that truly works with a pair of leather pants. Leather seems to demand something less clunky and more finely executed. That's not to say that I don't try. But given that I wear leather almost constantly when the weather turns cold (they're so warm with a pair of leg warmers on underneath, don't you know), I'm surprised I haven't found more than one or two pairs of clogs in my arsenal to create my winter outfits with.  

And if you like unexpected, well,...we should talk!

Woof. You go Lindsey. I was taken an eye when Matt Paul said that you have the same thigh high boots that he was wearing. 14 pairs of leather pants! Really? This puts you into a whole new level of wow. Your JC high heel clogs or your Mui Mui would look great with your leather pants.

Happy clogging

Hi Lindsey!
14 pairs of Leather Pants that is SOOOOO AWESOME!
You have got to post some Pictures of all of them with different Clogs!
I think you under estimate what might look good with them as far as your Clogs Go!
Let us Help you out with that!

Have a whole wardrobe of biker wear, leather pants, tops, jackets, etc. Leather looks "cool" but too warm for me, I like a fabric that breathes. When I rode, I would wear leather pants, calf-high boots, a leather top, maybe a leather vest and/or a leather jacket, plus leather gloves. I looked awesome but felt like a sausage in a microwave: too hot and ready to explode. That being said, leather skirts or shorts were fantastic!

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