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Well, well, well! I can see why you lusted for those: strong AND sexy. A devastating combination!

I understand your disappointment when the shoes don't fit: you will recall my feeling both sad and frustrated when my magenta patent Sven t-straps arrived and were too small; since Swedish lasts always run narrow, I should have known better... but alas, now I am stuck with adorable shoes that I can't keep on for more than 1/2 hour.

Shoe lust clouds my brain and makes me stupid.

I have indeed paid the price for shoe lust as well. I think it was a pair of over the knee suede flat-heeled boots that taught me my lesson 15 years ago. I wore them to work even though they felt small. And I had major blisters on both heels by the time I got to my office. Ended up spending the day figuring out how to get myself home without making matters worse.  

Did you try some shoe stretchers on those Sven's? I've worked quite a few styles into my rotation thanks to some newly expanded toe boxes and loosened heel counters.  

Hmm. Do you do this yourself or have a cobbler do it?

Hi Lindsey!,

Those Boots!
The Patent Leather and the Suede!
Oh My!
I would have bought them as well in a heart beat!
And as always there is alway that dreaded send them Back disappointment!
And like you say there are so many of those that you so wish you could have and wear but are just that wee bit to small and do I dare try and stretch a size 40 to a 41!
As far as Stretching Shoes and Boots I do it all the time if I need to but there are limits.
And what I have found is a lot of the higher end designers seem to run there footwear small.
What I also learned is if you really want them to fit right even if they are your size you need to have these tools and good ones to do it with.
I have made some of my stretchers and others I have bought and I also make my own stretching solution!
What I really LOVE is, it is just so nice to do this to a new pair of Shoes or Boots so the a Comfy the first time you really wear them out for the evening, I hate sore feet.
Once you do it you will always want them all to fit correctly!

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