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I is great to see clogs on men at the runway. It is a good start. I like a lot of the styles but I am not sure about the socks in the shorts pics. Socks are okay (although the would look better with bare feet) but, the strips have something to be desired. May be if you are wearing the thigh high boots from Matt Paul then the socks would be okay.

Hi Evan!
That is the Problem with white socks with Stripes.
They just look strange unless your playing Basketball or Track or Etc... with shorts!
So my answer is always either go barefoot or the other extreme and wear totally CRAZY Radical Socks! :}
BTW Lindsey also has a pair of those JC Ivka Thigh High Boots as well! :]

And one last bite of news, The Jeffrey Campbell Foxy Fab Stars Stripes that I wanted for the 4th of July I got yesterday and returned Yesterday! :(
They were way to big, I would say the 11 was at least a size 12. But the deal breaker for me was they were totally faded out in the colors as compared to the Pictures at Solestruck!

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