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Compliments to Matt for his colourful view on life!

Hi Johanna!
Thank You So Much!
I really do LOVE My Shoes and Boots and I do have so much fun wearing them!
And yes it helps SO much to have a LOVING and Supportive Wife Like I have to share My life with!

Hi Lindsey!
I feel so Honored that you post my pictures in your Clog Blog!
I know that most of what I wear is not really true clogs but at least some of the Jeffrey Campbells are like close cousins to them! LOL!
Don't fret all!
I am doing some very serious looking for some TRUE CLOG Boots to get!
A few Weeks back I thought I had them with a pair of Hasbeen's but alas they were one of those pairs that were size 11 or 41 but really fit like a 9 or 39!
To much to dare to stretch them to get them to fit and then the soles would have been to small.
Like I say I hate when that happens!
But I will say I did get a wild and crazy pair for the 4th of July that just came into Solestruck and well I get them this Thursday!
I will try and send Lindsey some Quick Photo's of them when I get them.
Now that you did post those picture's I going to post the rest of them on my not so AWESOME Blog/ Photo reference site!
I really wish I could write like you you are SOOOO Good at this! :) :) :)
So if any one wants to see the rest of the Crazy Pictures, they are posted their or soon will be!
But like I say I will always give Lindsey first chance if she wants to post them!
I did have another "Matt" moment this week at our Mall!
We were going to Sears to pick my wife's New Glasses and I was wearing those same Rainbow Socks and Black Levi Shorts and a Black Harley Shirt but i had my Black Patent Jeffrey Campbell Copen's on instead.
Any ways there was a group of 16~18ish Girls waiting out in the Store entrance and i could tell they noticed my LOOK!
So I smiled as we walked past them and went and got my wife's glasses.
On the way out they were still there and I saw they were smiling back at us.
One of them asked Bravely, "where did you get those AWESOME SHOES and Socks!
So I told them and we Chatted for a bit and one finally asked me, "Aren't you worried what someone might say?"
I told her Nah, I just LOVE Being me more than what any could ever say!
Any ways They all Loved the Look!
So like I always say, What really make the difference is having confidence in what you do in everything in life.
And yes the wife and I have oh way to much fun all the time!

If it's any consolation, I've been scouring the web for true clog boots in tall sizes for two years now, and I have yet to find anything. The Jeffrey Campbell Copen/Underground/Denmark styles are the closest I've come, but they run a bit snug. I think when a stylish, wood-soled clog boot finally surfaces in sizes from 42 to 45, the sound accompanying it will be that of clog fans all over the planet rushing to place an order.

Love those rainbow socks! I have a few OTK pair, always an attention getter.

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