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Great post! Those high blue boots! That last picture (talk about eye candy)! I've got to start saving for a pair of these, but which to choose?

Has anyone purchased a pair of Hasbees sky high slip in closed toe clogs? I am planning to buy a pair in black and wonder if they run true to size? Does anybody think these are less statement making shoes than Jeffrey Campell's Lita boots. I just like the clogs as clogs with a high heel - I am not trying to gender bend or make a statement.

I have to say that the Swedish Hasbeens have been on wish list since I published today's post, but the price has always kept me at bay. Then I also began to read reports that they run small, and as someone who often needs a size 43 or 44, I never felt bold enough to put my money on the line. If you can put off your order 'til tomorrow, I'm posting on Tuesday about a new high heeled style I just discovered that is being offered in an assortment of colors up to women's size 12. It could be worth checking out.

You peaked my curiosity. Can I get a preview before tomorrow? How high is the heel? Does it look like a traditional clog?

Traditional looking clog with braided leather strap over the instep. Wooden midsole. 4" heel. That's all I can say. Otherwise, there'd be no surprise for tomorrow.  

You can visit my blog tonight for details. The new post should be live by a couple minutes past midnight Chicago time.  

Thanks, can't wait.

I totally Love those Blue Knee High Boots as well!
But the sad thing is I can confirm that the Hasbeen's Boots RUN WAY SMALL!
Lindsey that's why I was wondering if you had ever tried any on so Bad!
The other week I Got a pair of 41/ 11's from Amazon and There is NO WAY my true to size Size 41 foot was ever going to fit in these Boots!
Now Like i have said before I can at times i can even wear some 10's in some Brands but these are like I was trying to put on a size 9!
There was No way I could have gotten these on and if I would have I would have, I would have had to cut them off and they were oh so way too cool looking in the red leather!
So what I figure is I would need a size 43 which means yet another shoe sizing to keep track of!
I just wish everybody could just agree on ONE SET OF SIZES!
So yes I want a pair badly but not till we get this sizing figured out and if they will ever make them in our size!
Sorry Lindsey but I think you and I are out of Luck with these! :(

This is my hubby's perennial problem. He wears either a 43 or 44, depending on whether the shoe is TTS. He has tried women's US size 11 and they rarely fit, way too tight. He generally wears a men's US 9½ or a UK 10½, regular width. A women's 11 is usually too narrow for him. He just bought court shoes (opera pumps) from the UK in UK size 10½ and they are a tad tight, which is not too bad because you wear court shoes with sheer hose. We have several black-tie events to attend each year and one big white-tie affair, the annual Al Smith Dinner at the Waldorf. Hubby refuses to wear black patent-leather lace-up oxfords, he wears traditional 1920s opera pumps with the black bow. He has a complete white-tie rig right out of the Roaring 20s, something you would see Cary Grant or Fred Astaire wearing--he looks gorgeous in it, OMG.

I almost forgot, yesterday was fun.

Our foray onto Mulberry Street in Little Italy was eventful, in a good way. (Sorry, no one noticed hubby’s cow-pattern clogs, hard to compete with my ink and piercings.) There was a tour group apparently from Ohio because one of the adults-—this huge 300-pounder--was wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with “Youngstown Senior Bowling League.”

As we were walking, an adult approached me and said the kids in the group are fascinated by my tattoos, could they look and could they take pictures. I said not only can they look, they can touch, if they want to, and certainly take pictures, just nothing of my face. I had a gaggle of 10 or more toddlers rushing me to “pet” my tattoos. Most of my ink represents animals, fish, flowers, etc. I have starfish on the top of my feet. These kids were stroking me all over. It was really neat and something I’m used to, I encourage the kids to touch and ask questions. (My daughter tried to tell the kids that this is Mommy’s goldfish, see how pretty it is, and that’s the big snake around her leg, she has a big flower on her back, etc.)

So I made 10 little kiddies from the Buckeye State unbelievably happy by being their living sidewalk side show on the streets of Lower Manhattan. Neat being a living “show and tell.” Of all the sites they will see in NYC—-the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, Times Square, etc.—-I can guarantee you that what they will most remember is the tattooed aging biker chick on Mulberry Street. With all the ink and the full piercings, I forgot how much attention I attract. How cool is that? Very little feedback is negative. And today I got to go back to work and be plain vanilla with not a trace.

BTW, love those opaque tights on the models in the last picture.

Props to Swedish Hasbeens for going the extra mile to come out with a true mens model.

Hi Kathy!

That is the Sweetest Story I've read in a LONG Time! :)
I so wish I was there to see it all!
I can just Imagine the AWE of the Parents and the total curiosity and innocents of the Toddler's!
Aren't Kids AWESOME or what!
And I can just see in my mind your Precious Daughter PROUDLY showing off her Mom's Art work!
It would make my heart melt! :) :)
And you are so right they all will always remember you for the rest of their life!
Your poor Hubby never had a chance to compete! LOL!
Like I say, You just made me smile from ear to ear! :)
But I have to ask how was the Calamari?
I sounds like the perfect night!
Oh How much Better can it Get!
And yes those Opaque tights and the Clogs in that last picture are AWESOME!

Oh and Speaking of Tights and Socks....
I have to post this site...
This is where I buy lots of my CRAZY Socks from and they sell some of the best Quality ones I have found!
So I thought I would share this with you all!
Great place!
And I highly recommend them!

I know Sockdreams! That's who I've bought my toe socks from!

Hi Lindsey!
I told you we shop at a lot of the same places!
I LOVE their Rainbow Toe Socks!
In fact i have 3 pairs of those alone not to mention the other.....! LOL!
But I actually found them when I was in search of Toe Socks!
And I Love the fact that it is a small Family run Business!

Wow, never heard of this site. Those rainbow dreams OTKs look fantastic. I'm envisioning the outfit: khaki shorts, those socks, high-heel clogs, a tight spandex top. Totally awesome for the summer. (I do like to attract attention, ahem.)

Hi Kathy Ann!
Aren't those Rainbow Dreams OTK's Socks AWESOME!
And for $8.00!
I have 3 pairs of those as well!
And the Quality is Great!
I Love Your Idea for an Outfit as well!!
In fact for summer I do very something similar! LOL!
A Harley Shirt, Black Levi Shorts, Those AWESOME Socks, and to finish it all off either my Jeffrey Campbell Black Patent Copen's or My Jeffrey Campbell Black Snake 99's or The pair you haven't seen yet My Jeffrey Campbell Zebra Pony Hair Tick's!
And we all know that I'm kind of Shy and don't want to attract any attention........
Ok so my nose might be growing but Is this not oh so much fun....... WHOA! Was that a Bolt of Lightning!
I Love living on the edge!

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