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As a teacher of biology, I am compelled to point out that both the Jesus fish and the Darwin amphibian actually symbolize a much greater misunderstanding than the Christian God "versus" evolution.

This is exactly the thing that irks me so much about my species: the twisting of facts, the blatant spinning of what is and what isn't, either out of ignorance or out of belief in other's ignorance.

Sort of like attitudes about males wearing clogs ("He must be gay" —as if that's a bad thing—or "He must be a drug user" or "He looks like one of the artistic types"—again, that's something to snicker at?!).

Repeat after me: evolution is how living things change over time to adapt to environmental pressures (both good and bad). Cladistics or phylogenetics is how living things are related to one another (the "I am NOT descended from a monkey!!" argument).

Now go watch this video:


(This rant brought to you by late night melancholy and an almost entire lack of sleep, and should not be seen as an indictment of any views expressed by the owner of and contributors to this fabulous blog.)

Well said.

Personally, I prefer the way this video explains it all:

YouTube - Guinness "Evolution"

Perhaps we could have the Darwin fish wearing clogs? Or even better, the Spaghetti thing wearing lots of different clogs?

Hi Melissa!
Great Video it does explain Evolution Very Short and Sweet!
And Yes you are Quite right that most people DO NOT UNDERSTAND the difference!

Hi Lindsey!
That is ONE AWESOME BEER Comercial!
In fact I tink that has to be one the best one's I have ever seen! :)
BTW This is a Great Post and I'm really going to have to think about what would be a AWESOME Looking Symbol for all of us!

I have actually had thoughts of incorporating clogs into a tattoo. When I get a tattoo it resembles myself and my life. Clogs have been a part of them for so long I felt it would proper (over 30 years). May be I can get some ideas. I love all of the incite I can gain from this site.

We are both RC and evolution has never been a problem for Catholics. Pope John Paul II was a theistic evolutionist. Who are we to limit the mechanism the Almighty uses to bring about life?

Not to get too deeply into things, but Catholic teaching has always been since the days of the early Fathers that scripture can be interpreted in a variety of ways, that not everything is literal.

Hubby was buying coffee and a newspaper wearing his Sanita brown-cow clogs the other day. A 30-ish woman commented how "cute" they look, where did he buy them. He told her his wife bought them. The lady said there is no way in hell her husband would step out in public with those clogs, let alone wear them around the apartment, that he must be really special to let his wife (me) dress him like that.

Good Lord, they're only shoes! So what? What part of "fun" do some sourpusses not understand?

Hi Kathy Ann!
Me and the wife are both Born Again Christians and Like you say, "Who are we to limit the mechanism the Almighty uses to bring about life?"
We totally Totally Agree with you on that one!

And Yes I totally understand what you are saying about SOURPUSSES!
Like I say and ask them, " Why? And How Is my choice footwear harming you or are you just jealous that I wear it so well and you really secretly wish your Husband could or would wear them also?"
I like to call these Narrow Minded Folks..... Silly Wabbits!
And Yes they do miss out on so much fun in life!

Johanna, you are brilliant! The flying spaghetti monster probably has closets full of awesome shoes (although why an omnipotent being needs shoes is... wait a minute... was I really just about to ask why someone NEEDED shoes?!

As Emily Litella would say, "Never mind."

Matt Paul,

So many things in life can be "fun," and fashion is one of them, and totally harmless!

As long as you are not hurting someone else, why not?

If you get a kick out of clop clopping around in a pair of JC platform glitter clogs, why the hell not?

It's worth it if you put a smile on someone's face. Those kids from Ohio or wherever had a day they'll never forget looking at and touching my tatts.

For you stuck-up sourpusses out there--to paraphrase a cousin who is a priest: This is why God invented vodka!

Clogs speak for themselves. No symbols required! IMHO.

Matt Paul:  I am blown away that you and the missus are born again! I spent quite a few years under the roof of a Southern Baptist church, and I came away with the feeling that the things that made me unique and distinctive would not be celebrated there. I don't regret parting ways with organized religion, but I am glad to hear that you're able to be yourself and keep your faith. Neither is an easy task! 

Kathy Ann: We need more priests like your cousin!

I sure have to agree here. Although I'm by no means a behavioral scientist, sociologist, etc. I've often been both fascinated and dismayed at how easy it is to predict attitudes, behavior, etc. by outward things such as clothing or footwear styles. I rarely see guys wearing clogs (or anything interesting on their feet for that matter), but if I do, I can't help but wonder if that person isn't at least a bit more interesting and unique than average. I'll admit I'm not a daily clog wearer with western boots being the more usual choice. However, I have to admit, those three general descriptions for clog wearers sure fit me. Sure, I've got the mundane professional life, but in the "after hours" my life has never been mundane. I've challenged myself with everything from aerobatics in airplanes, riding rodeo broncs, doing trapeze and gymnastics, to my current avocation of performing as a horseback trick rider. So really quite frankly, why shouldn't my fashion choices at least some of the time reflect my passion for excitement in life. One commenter suggests that fashion is fun and I totally agree.

My priest cousin, Fr. Jack, is totally cool. He did stand-up before he got the "calling." He's a natural showman. If he didn't become a priest, he easily would have had a career in comedy. He's so traditional in his theology but completely relevant and contemporary in his pastoral approach. He loves to "kick back" and hoist a bunch of "cold ones." The most upbeat and optimistic person I've ever known.

Speaking of freedom in fashion, there will be a bike ride in NY called Skirts on Bikes. A Dutch woman, cycling in a skirt, was told by a NY policeman that her skirt distracted drivers and was dangerous. (Over here in the Netherlands it is perfectly normal to cycle in a skirt; we cycle in whatever clothes we happen to wear, just as most people do when driving their car). So someone organized this protest ride. For more information see:

I hope lots of guys will join, wearing skirts (and clogs, of course)!

I like to think if enough of us put our clog-shod feet down and say, "Enough's enough", we can change the world. 

We'll do some clog-marching instead of frog-marching!

Hi Lindsey!
You Know the fun thing is at first I was concerned when I became a BC that I would Stop being me!
But then what I realized was that God Created me as the unique person that I am!
And that real that is what God wanted me to be!
So when some over self righteous person ask me about what I wear.... I just simply remind him that Actually in the Bible that Adam and Eve were NAKED until they ate the fruit from the tree! At which point they became aware that they were NAKED and covered themselves in Fig Leaves in total shame!
So Originally God had no use for any clothes any ways.
So How can any clothes be more Gender correct than any others?
I mean like are some Fig Leaves more Male Correct than Female?
This usually shuts them all up and really how is it any of their business any ways how I prefer to dress!
You might say I'm a little bit of a RADICAL but like I say that how God made me!
And Actually 99% of the folks I know really like me for me the way I am!
The rest I just call them Silly, Silly, Wabbits! LOL!

Kathy Ann!
I just LOVE you and your Hubby's Style!
You Guys are Totally AWESOME and to the SOURPUSSES out there......
I say it time for us to make them feel UNCOMFORTABLE!
And really why should we care what they think or say or even waste our time listening to there NARROW MINDED VIEWS any ways!

Amen, brother! Thank you!

Matt Paul,

Just saw this now as I have not peeked in for a couple of days. I get a kick out of shocking people, especially in the summer. At work, I look totally "vanilla," but when I go down the Jersey shore for the day and wear shorts and a tank top, OMG, what a surprise!

But you cannot judge people's attitudes by appearances. When I was married to my first husband (the motorcycle cop) and we were heavily into the "biker" scene -- this was in the 80s and early 90s -- most of those people were very right wing, in fact, Ronald Reagan was held in god-like esteem.

The bikers were not as frightening as the media portrays. Most were average blue-collar types and not at all into drugs, which is not to say weed played a small part.

If you were to judge me by my "weekend" "off-duty" appearance, you would have no idea who I am. Never judge a book by its its cover, I suppose, and just because some guy wears clogs, don't assume anything.

Well, if I see a guy wearing clogs, I tend to assume that he's not a typical cookie cutter guy. But heck, even that assumption can make an ass out of an ump and a tion.  

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