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Those Reinhard Planks are awesome. I love the look of a large nail head rather than stapling, much more distinctive.

The Ash Lilacs are wonderful looking, perfect with jeans, especially the peep-toe style for the warm weather.

I will definitely be checking out those web sites, I just need enough money to feed the habit!

My husband's pair of Tessa Brown Mountain Clogs came early this evening. He's not around to try them on. The Tessas are well made, I'm sure he'll like them.

Clogsonline.com refunded the shipping charges on the Anna Biker Clogs that have been on order since 3/15/11 and told me to be patient. I'm starting to doubt I'll ever receive them. It cannot possibly take a month and a half to make a pair of clogs.

Looking forward to hearing more about the Tessa clogs.

As for the Anna clogs, the issue may not be manufacture so much as shipping. They're made in Europe, no? The parent company may wait until they get enough orders filled before they send out a shipment. Not the best way to operate, but the folks you ordered from may be unable to do anything about it.


Any idea how I could best describe this clog?


Thanks, Ron

Help me understand. Are you asking what terminology would describe the design of the clog that's replicated in the photo? It appears to be modeled on a traditional British wood soled shoe similar to the Clasp Clog depicted in this mid-20th century pamphlet.

"A Valuable Booklet" - Every Clog Has Its Day

Does that help? I'd be happy to take another crack at it if I've misunderstood.

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