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The Moma shoes are beautiful. Clicking on through to A Mano...the Oxford style is gold. I think just a few minor tweaks and any of these designs could be unisex.

what tweaks are you thinking about to the Moma clogs unisex?

Just found your blog and can't stop reading - love it! I came upon an Olaf Daughters reference. I ran to the back of my closet, and there they were, from the early 1980s, in perfect condition. I am SO going to start wearing them! I don't know if you've mentioned these (I saw them on "Already Pretty") but I bought and am completely in love with Antelope Alma clog boots. I seriously want to sleep in them. [I am a devoted house bunny owner, and was distressed to see the rabbit fur boots. I'm not criticizing, I just like to make people aware . . .]. Thank you for your devotion to such a fun subject.

@John: Well, assuming we're going with the standard cultural vernacular for masculine and feminine fashions - lower and less tapered heels. In the case of the very cool asymmetrical sandal, a blockier upper strap brought in a bit further away from the toes, squarer and lower heel...

Of course, that's just my personal preference. The shoes are lovely as they are. I just think that if they made an effort, the designs could have a broader appeal beyond the women they are being marketed too. Fisherman's sandals? Oxfords? I mean, c'mon! :)

Thank you for joining in the fun! Of course, I have to ask pretty please if you'd mind taking a photo of your Olaf Daughters and allowing me to publish it? We'd love to see what you had stored away safely all this time.

Olaf Daughters definitely brings great memories. That was my first exposure to clogs- I was 14 years old and my older sister had a white pair which she wore barefoot. I was hipnotized by the look . I used to borrow them (her not knowing) and wear them around the house- and they felt heavenly.

Lindsey- your XRAY clogs from Bernardo Footwear are definitely your best- they look so comfortable. I wish they made them with a lower sole and heel so men could wear them. Please take some close up pictures wearing them barefoot

Guy Day Friday Rockers in clogs--musician #1 is Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones (circa 1965-66.)

I would love to see clog fans submit pictures of us wearing our clogs barefoot for other to enjoy, and reminisce

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