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Its greta to see that clogs are back, I am wearing mine for more than 20 years, and my wife also.

I've loved clogs since high school myself, but I admit to falling to the influence of fashion.  I gave them up for a long time.  It's been quite satisfying to make them welcome in my wardrobe again.

It would be sweet to get a portrait of you and your wife's feet in your clogs if you get the chance.  My e-mail address can be found under the About link for this blog.

*drools over the Schutz clogs* T__T

LOVE this blog! Stumbled across it today and have read so many pages of it while working out. Definitely incites shopping lust lol.

Keep up the great work!!! :D

Thanks so much! If it is any consolation, I spent my 2011 shoe budget...last year!

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