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Indeed, these are absolutely fantastic clogs. Love the sturdy platform and would definitely wear them for special occasions. But I would prefer to forgo the back strap and perhaps just let the horns of the bull-skull end in sharp points on the ankle.

Hi Lindsey,

Do you remember the clogs with the little strass buckle from etsyseller Spelfenmeisje you blogged about on Saturday Feb 20?
Not as spectacular as these Fflurs, but perfect for me, and I'm very happy to say they're on my feet right now! Isn't that wonderful: you wrote about them in the US, I read about them in the Netherlands and they were sent to me from Germany (nicely and lovingly packaged too, by the way). Makes me feel very cosmopolitan... ;-)

If I have been able to bring someone together with a perfect pair of clogs, I feel my efforts have been worth it. Thanks for letting me know!

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