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I can see why you love these. I have been living in a pair of Sanita Gertrude clog boots which are kind of chunky but I adore them. I am wondering if you might do a piece on what your fellow clog junkies have snagged in recent holiday sales. I got a pair of Kurt Geiger clog boots that I have had my eye on for months at less than half price. Is it OK to send you a url? I sent one in a post a while ago but it was deleted. Don't want to violate any rules.

Love it, thanks! And always love the photos of shoes on actual people, in pants and jeans. That way one can get a real sense of how they look on, and not just the product photo. Thanks Lindsey!!

Great idea!  I'll do a post soliciting readers' pics sometime.

I've been coveting those Kurt Geiger clog boots from this side of the Atlantic.  Please send the URL.  But I'd also love to get a personal snapshot of yourself in your new shoes.  (From the knees or waist down is fine.  Or from the ankles if you're really shy.) 

I'd love a pair of the Sanita clog boots, too, but they run small and I'd need a size larger than the largest they make.  That brand has broken my heart many a time.


Oops sent the wrong URL for Red or Dead bargain clogs:

The Kurt Geiger ones are:

I will send pictures when I get the KG's. This might be a duplicate post.

The Red or Dead Helga clogs are new to me!  Thanks for pointing them out.  They're definitely worthy of a post all on their own!

And yes, I would love to see shots of your Kurt Geiger clog boots in action.  The Singapore had me staring longingly toward England for days when it first made its appearance online.

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