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Lest we forget: King Louie 14 of France ushered in the reign (punny, M! HA!!) of the modern high heel, and royalty there and elsewhere wore RED heels—on otherwise other-colored shoes) so that lesser mortals instantly knew to whom they must show fealty. And the chopines of Venice weren't just for the gals: many a Doge could be seen tottering along between his two human crutches as they took up the whole sidewalk along the smelly canals. Hey! Maybe that was the reason behind the fashion? To "rise above" not just the great unwashed, but also their stench?!

Well said.  I was so surprised to see the wife in that vintage photo was the only one without wooden shoes on.  Clearly clogs were "guys' shoes" in that place and time.  

We often forget that we all contribute to life's rich pageant.  And when some of us hold back from coming to the party, we're all the worse for it.  My salute again to any and every clog fan, man or woman, who is willing to color outside the lines!

I am also and I've wear clogs for 25 years ago. Currently I buy some closeb back modell from this site: http://www.wooden-clogs.com/index.html. Next time I want buy one clogs-boot. But currently out-of stock! My feet size is 44.

You know, I meant to feature this clog maker months ago, but then I forgot about them.  Your message is a welcome reminder.  

By the way, I did contact them about getting a pair of clog boots made for myself, but I got distracted with other purchases.  If you do get your own pair, let me know how you like them and what you think of their craftsmanship.

Google Translate:

Tudod, én azt jelentette, hogy a szolgáltatás akadozik a készítő hónappal ezelőtt,de aztán el is felejtettem őket. Üzenete szívesen látott emlékeztetőt.

Én kapcsolatot velük kapok egy pár csizma akadozik magamnak,de van elterelte más vásárlások. Ha nem kap a saját párja, hadd tudja, hogyantetszik nekik, és mit gondol a kivitelezés.

Love the male readers who are rockin' the red clogs! May you continue to be trendsetters. Kudos.


I have to agree here, I am a guy who wears clogs almost everyday. any chance if Swedish Hasbeens is still going to release guys models?

I have really been looking for a pair of mens clog boots

There's been talk of Swedish Hasbeens styles for guys for a long time now.  I think it was a step in the right direction that they offered their Rainbow boot in support of the LGBT community in sizes up to 45.  That tells me that wooden clog boot soles are being created somehow, somewhere in larger sizes.  But still, I haven't seen them offer any boots in colors most men would be willing to wear in anything larger than a 41. I don't know what the hold up is. Rest assured that I'll do a major post on about men's clogs from Swedish Hasbeens when they finally reach the marketplace.


...there are other directions you can look in to satisfy your clog boot itch in the meantime.  Try some of the links below.  

Mark Casperson and Multnomah Leather Shop made a perfectly fitting pair of lace up clog boots for me.

Custom-Made Clogs and Clog Boots by Multnomah Leather Shop

I also bought a pair of simple (and inexpensive) lace up ankle clog boots from Bjorn.  A good source for an inexpensive clog boot.

Bjorn Clogs, Scarborough, UK - Clog manufacturer and retailer, mail order service is also available

Rabiah Hodges and her Chameleon Clogs team do make clog boots though you won't see them listed on her site.  Contact her for details.  

Chameleon Clogs - changing color for the sole

These next clog makers I only know of through their web pages.  If you do make a purchase from any of them, I'd love to hear about your experiences.


Preetzer Holzschuhe

Devich Holzschuherzeugung

I'll be following up with more info on men's clogs as the year unfolds.   Stay tuned.

How high are the black clogs with the studs in the first few pictures?

Those are my black beauties. The heel is just over 4" with a 2 1/4" platform at the peak.

Does anyone currently make anything resembling the black studded clogs shown in the first few pictures?

Sad to say, the Neron clogs were a rare style that came out in the heyday of the '70s (if I recall the current owner' story).  And in the time since, I haven't seen anything comparable on the market in chunky enough soles or heels for most men.  However, my radar has been activated, and if anything comparable surfaces, I will post about it.

I'm a guy. I'm not Swiss, nor does anyone in my family wear clogs. But I do. In fact, I wear them every day. I wear them because I like them. Honestly, for good or bad, I couldn't possibly care any less what anyone thinks of my footwear. I only wear what I like! And if I can't find a particular color or finish, I paint 'em myself. I bet you'd never guess the only problem I've had with wearing clogs I've personalized -- it's having guys (and I mean lots and LOTS of them) stop me to ask where I bought my clogs, because they've been searching forever for the very ones I've created. It's truly unbelievable.

John: How cool! Would you be willing to send me some photos of some of the clogs you've customized? I have a Guy Day Friday feature most Fridays, and I'd love to show my readers what you've created.

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