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Love these, have you seen these ones on ebay? Wish they were my size. I also see lots of posts on the Outerspace by BC Footwear, but couldnt find any photos of your pair, can you post some or send me some or point me to where they are on your blog? I'd love to see how you wear them. Thanks for a great blog!


That's the Antelope boot I bought! I thought the construction was decent, but I really wanted a sole that was wood, not shock absorbing plastic. Well, that and the fact that I need a size 42 and the largest they make is 41.

I really just tuck my Outerspace booties under jeans and cords. They're my go to casual clog boot. Especially now that there's snow on the ground where I live and I don't want to wreck my nicer wood soled clogs. Though while visiting my daughter in New York, I saw a woman on the subway wearing a pair of Outerspace booties with tights and a skirt, and I thought it was a very cute look. Actually, spotting her in her pair was what inspired me to buy mine.

Yikes! I can't seem to find a previous post about the Outerspace on my blog! Maybe I never featured them before. Double yikes! Here's a link to the shoe on endless.com if you need to take a peek at it:


Gaa! Those lace up boots at the bottom are yummy! But all the Christmas $$$ went into the new Old Gringos headed my way, so no new shoes for me until spring, likely...

I have the Antelope Alma in black and I love them - and I got them for half price! Oh happy day. . .

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