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About 10 years ago, I lived next door to a very manly man who wore overalls and clogs all the time so he could go around and fix things. Very sexy.

I think its simply about being confident in who you are.

Which is...as is the case with so many things in this life...easier said than done.

It seems every few years clogs become big again, for women, but rarely if ever are more options put out for men. Personally, I'd love to see thicker midsoles, especially with lug soles - AM Toffeln (via L.S. Rhoads) has a "smith's clog" with a "tractor" sole that appears to fit the bill. (My wife also had a great lug-soled pair from Eddie Bauer from the late 90s.) Usually, however, I find that most men's clogs, whether the wooden-soled variety or something like Danskos (which I quite like as well) simply don't have enough visual heft. It seems manufacturers keep the forefoot midsole and heel heights the same regardless of size, so that my 42s or 43s are no thicker than my wife's 38s - resulting in a thinner, "stretched" look.

If this current trend stays around for awhile, maybe we'll see some better offerings for men. You can pull some strings, right? :-)

P.S. Great job with the site!

Thanks so much for your comments. I wear a larger size myself, and I absolutely agree on the thin, stretched look that comes into play if manufacturers dont expand all the dimensions equally. What looks cute in a size 7 begins to resemble a supertanker in a size 11.

Ive noticed the AM Toffeln clogs on the L. S. Rhoads site, but theyve never replied to my e-mail. Im not sure theyre still in operation or taking orders. Tessa Clogs does regularly offer lug soled mens (and womens) clogs, though. And my favorite custom clog maker, Multnomah Leather Shop will create a pair with lug soles if you request it. Hell also make the wood midsole thicker, too.

I know of at least one clog maker whos paying attention to this post, and there may be more. As I said, theres a market for mens clogs if some manufacturer can only put the pieces together correctly.

Im Listening! and we are in the process of purchasing a sole maunfacturing plant in Sweden so we can start developing our own bases, and higher heels for women and Lug hefty soles for men are in the top priorities!
Keep the feedback coming :)

Headway has been made with the marketing of men’s clogs. From Simple a few years back, to Birkenstock’s, crocs and Dansko. I think it’s an uphill battle though. It wasn’t long ago when the only men I can remember wearing clogs in a movie or on TV was Nathan Lane in “The Birdcage” and in skits on “In Living Color”. Not exactly good press.
Men are fashion followers, not trend setters. I agree with an earlier post, that male celebrities and others seen wearing a more “manly” clog design could play a part in getting a trend going. Years ago, I stepped into Clog Master in LA and saw a wall filled with celebrity heads shots of the day, and many were guys. None were out in the public eye sporting their clogs that I knew of but it helped me buy a pair that day.

Ive long thought that with the right design and a couple of high profile sightings of men wearing them on talk shows and the like, a mens clog style could do well. Think of Utilikilts. I would never have thought guys would go for those, but I saw a surprising number being worn when they first came out.

Apparently I go opposite to some of the posters above: I'd like to see a men's clog with a lower heel (maybe 1/2 inch to an inch total height?). I own a pair of Bastad mens clogs, and find that the heel is a bit too high for my liking, and also for my wife's liking! I'm sure more guys would get on board if such an option existed.

Good to get your input! Thanks for commenting!

I dont know if you noticed the right hand shoe depicted in the illustration at the top of my blog, but its a low heeled skimmer style that I believe Ive also seen in mens sizes on eBay. Ive wondered if that might be an option for men if more clogs were created in that silhouette.

Actually, your comment makes me realize I totally overlooked the question of heel height. When I run a follow up to this post, Ill have to pose that style option for readers to respond to.

I like the picture of the tan clogs with the stockier midsole above and would wear them if I could find them in my size. I think they look masculine and I appreciate the heel and thick sole as I'm short.

I definitely agree that a more rugged looking clog is the way to go. Though I can relate to an earlier commenter who preferred a lower heel. Well, if that leads to more variety in mens clog styles--some low, some medium---that would be great. The more the merrier!

Thanks for your comment.

Although I agree that rugged is a good direction to go, I wanted to chime in with the suggestion that there's room for more refined designs, too, to go with more formal apparel. Clog designs for lumberjacks and urban professionals, in other words.

I don't speak english.
This clogs are made in Brazil by "Cravo&Canela". (1998-2004)

Bongo, Candie's and other brands imported this clogs.
In Brazil is very rare that clogs. Just for export.
Some clogs selled by Hanna Anderson and many american brands are made in Brazil, but the Brazillian girls don't like clogs.
Sorry. I tried write in english.


I am happy you visited my blog and gave us some information about the clogs in the picture. I remember noticing years ago that a lot of clogs and wood soled shoes were made in Brazil. How ironic that few of them were ever sold there.

Feel free to contact me via my e-mail address (the link can be found on the About page). And feel free to write to me in Portugese. I know a couple of people from Brazil who could translate!

via Google Translate:

Estou feliz que você visitou meu blog e nos deu algumas informações sobre os tamancos na imagem.Eu me lembro de anos atrás, que um monte de tamancos de madeira e sola de sapatos foram feitos no Brasil.É irônico que alguns deles nunca foram vendidos no país.

Sinta-se livre para entrar em contato comigo através do meu endereço de e-mail (o link pode ser encontrado na página Sobre).E sinta-se livre para me escrever em Português.Eu conheço um casal de pessoas do Brasil que pode se traduzir!


Que bom.
Conheço muito a historia dos tamancos aqui do Brasil. Tenho algumas fotos e referencias sobre eles. Gosto de tamancos e minha esposa tambem e os usa. Aqui em Sao Paulo é mais facil encontrar tamancos suecos Moheda do que brasileiros. Agora está mais fácil por estar na moda novamente.

Escreverei mais.


I would love to learn about the history of clogs in Brazil.  Especially if you have some photos you're willing to allow me to publish.  A lot of my readers remember owning shoes that were made there.  If would be wonderful to read the story that goes with the shoes.  May I contact you via your e-mail to discuss this more?

Gostaria muito de aprender sobre a história de tamancos no Brasil. Especialmente se você tem algumas fotos que você está disposto a permitir que eu publicasse. Muitos dos meus leitores me lembro possuir sapatos que foram feitos lá. Se seria maravilhoso para ler a história que se passa com os sapatos. Posso contactá-lo através do seu e-mail para discutir isso mais?


theres that smile its magic and when you think about it so are clogs i have a name for you paul coudamy woodwork wooden shoes saw on web site designer planet thank you sheree ann

Brilliant!  Wonderful!  What a treat!  Thanks for the tip.  I'll feature Paul's work some Sunday (the day I take a break from covering only shoes) soon.

Follow up: I like the traditional clog silhouette (the Skimmer style: not so much), but am looking for a shorter heel. That's pretty much it!

Good to have that clarification!  

How do you feel about rounded toes?  Would a squared off toe a la the old Dingo boots be more appealing?  

Sim. Voce pode me enviar o e-mail. Assim que eu puder enviarei as fotos para voce publicar.

Até mais!


In your opinion, would the Tessa Extreme Heel clog, shown on this link
http://02eb682.netsolstores.com/extremehigh.aspx, work in black for a guy?

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