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When I was young and slim, I too strutted my stuff in fetish shoes. And these certainly make my inner goddess sit up and take notice. Specially the black buckle-coverd ones; oh for a latex dress...

Linds, your writing is so vivid and lovely. I read the blog as much for the way you write and think as the shoes you feature—and I LOVE the shoes you feature!

Ha, ha, ha! We think alike! And fill our wardrobes similarly, too! I used to attend loads of fetish parties back in the day. And I had the outfits to go with them. Now I cant afford to keep up the look. What a shame! But one of my prized footwear acquisitions from that period is a pair of the original Judge Dredd platform lace ups from The Magic Shoe Co. (The style still can be found in the pages of Pennangalan.com. Pennangalan - Goth, Steampunk, Traditional, Fetish Shoes and Boots) Thats the shoe I was reminded of immediately when the Lita was first introduced byJeffrey Campbell...and since I own a pair of the Judge Dredds, I havent been inspired to pick up the JC reinterpretation. Though I have to say, ever since Vivienne Westwood put her covered platforms on the market years ago, that look has always been greeted by me with long, lingering stares. It would only take a month of sweet free lance commissions to inspire me to take the plunge and order a pair.

A side note: the tapestry version of the Lita that was introduced by Loris Shoes...sold out within days apparently. Thats why they no longer have it listed in their product pages. I love to see such passion for footwear made manifest!

And one other thought: now that youve brought up the topic of fetish shoes, I have to admit that a good part of what attracts me to clogs is the restrictive nature of the solid wood sole. Slip ons bring me plenty of satisfaction, but with an ankle strap clog, lace up oxford clog, or pull on clog boot, my feet are totally secured to those blocks of wood. And I cant tell you how much that makes me smile! Ive been giving that a lot of thought lately and I havent made much headway trying to parse out the psychological symbolism at work here. But I am enjoying the ride.

OMG! I had no idea they came in so many different styles! They are all so awesome.

Wait til you see the over the knee variation Ill be posting on Tuesday. (Or visit Solestruck to see it for yourself!)

those shoes are incredible!!! xoxo, blair.

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