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Delightful! I always look forward to my daily clog treat here, but now, with the new rockin' look, I feel all fresh and minty. Congratulations on a wonderful new "face" and thank you for sharing the story—and especially the artist!—with us!

Love the new look. Great work! The page really looks brighter and I love the new logo. It's almost like having a new pair of clogs to look forward to everyday. Thanks for all of the work you do to keep us entertained and informed.

iam flexible toe box looking for cowhide clogs with

Hi...I think this is the greatest site ever....Im so glad i found it. I have a major clog fetish!!! Im a homosexual male who wears clogs everyday.... I love what you are doing.
Please email me...Im from SA and have tons of clogs and clog boots

Paulpaye: Just join in the fun! I post every day and on Fridays I usually have a Guy Day Friday feature.

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