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Thank You! Thank You!

I am one of those weirdos who flipped over those vintage albeit male chauvinistic creations. These are awesome works of art. As soon as I get a pair I will join you in planting them in the appropriate backsides.

Obviously, those are Morris dancer's clogs (perhaps not the magenta and the blue at the top—I am mad for those blue ones!)—the jovial fellow depicted at Mike Cahill being in full dancer garb. Still and all, one could do worse than wear those delectable creations—and perhaps do a jig of your own design?! (My Morris dancing friend Annie had her clogs made in the UK and they were a hefty $400 five years ago... being a traditionalist dancing fool, she only wears her gorgeous clogs to dance.)

London Lady:

Lucky you! You can drive around to visit these clog makers in person! Please let us know what you find. I've known of these folks for awhile and have long been tempted to order a pair for myself.


I could easily incorporate a pair of these into my wardrobe without giving maypoles or mummers a second thought! These shoes are on my To Do list...once a few other financial demands get satisfied. Like paying off my kids college loans!

I'll tell ya, L: I am seriously thinking of canceling my backordered Sanitas and getting the blue boots at Jeremy Atkinson; I'd be halfway to paying for them, and they are really floating my boat! That duck toe is yummy! Soooo awesome with skinny distressed jeans and a thermal tee and boyfriend cardi! I'm only moderately concerned about the fitting issue, since he actually sends the soles for a "preview" fitting before finishing the clogs! And at those prices, I'm not worried about the shipping fees! You are so much trouble, lady, and I love you for it!!!


Tell him I will be right behind you. (That outfit sounds fab.) Be sure to visit his website, though. He has a LOT more styles and variations to offer.


Dont let me sway you in your decision making, but I think theres something wonderful about wearing a unique pair of shoes. The Sanita boots are sweet. But a handmade pair crafted to your foot is a delightful experience. I was just wearing my Multnomah clog boots yesterday and reveling in the knowledge that theyre basically one of a kind.

And, doh! Why did I suggest you visit his website. You obviously already did or you wouldnt have had the ordering information that you referred to. Sorry!

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