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I am with you on that sistah! 19-21 are my favs :)

I would be all over style no. 19 if it had a wooden sole! Those rock!

Well, happy birthday, fellow clog lover! And those bronze "Jeffs" are faboo!

Arent they? I take a tall size so Mr. Campbell and company have left me out in the cold this time around. But Im scouring the usual outlets for size 11s. They may yet come my way.

You, on the other hand, should not miss Fridays blog. A new Multnomah clog design will be featured!

Happy birthday Lindsey!!!

Thank you so much! Im thrilled because the weather has turned in Chicago, and I can start breaking out my fall outfits...with clogs to match! (I really think youre going to love those Bernardos...when they finally do arrive!)

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