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Happy Anniversary!

Thank you so much! And just figured out what to give myself as a present. A pair of clogs, natch!

Do you mind sharing which clogs you plan on adding to your collection?

I've been stalking the Joe's Jeans Brenda sandal (clog-ish) for a few months now. Just curious what has piqued your interested lately the most.

Oh, yes! I think Ive seen and coveted that sandal! Let me know if you score a pair. And send a pic!

To be honest, Im in a weird clog saturation phase right now. After years--and I do mean years--of scouring eBay religiously for old and unwanted styles, I suddenly feel inundated with more choices than I could ever hope to own. I wear a tall size so my selection is always limited. And in the past I used to grab something that fit even if I wasnt totally enamored of the look.

Today, as you know, there are TONS of clogs to choose from. And in the past month alone Ive ordered and returned three different pairs because there was something better that came along. That used to be unheard of in my experience! So Ive gotten pickier.

My personal taste runs toward offbeat designs with what I think of as a rock and roll edge. I tend to pair my clogs up with pants and jeans rather than go bare legged with them so I end up with that platforms poking out beneath the hems of a pair of flares look a lot.

But you wanted specifics! Well, I really love the Bernardo clogs that just came out. I got a pair of those in Steel Blue and Im waiting to take delivery on a pair in black. Theyre quite comfortable even with their 5 heel. I also nabbed the Jeffrey Campbell Charli-C early on in the summer, but then it got hot and humid where I live, so theyve been on hold in my wardrobe rotation waiting for the cooler weather. Ive also been dancing around my bedroom with joy because I picked up a pair of the Jeffrey Campbell lace up clog boots called the Underground in my size. They sold out within days of going online, and miraculously I went looking for them in the middle of the night when Solestruck had just re-posted a pair that had been returned. I pounced!

I also took home the Vince Camuto Christies clog, but Im still in two mind about whether I will ever actually wear it or its going to just sit on my shelf. Fortunately I still have a little time yet to make up my mind. Endless.com has a liberal returns window.

And I should mention a used pair of John Fluevogs that I won on eBay. A very squared off and angular design that is easy to live in. I should post those someday on my blog.

Im keeping my eye out for some clog boots from Zigi NY that I posted about a couple weeks back. Ill certainly pick those up if they become available. The Jeffrey Campbell folks tell me theyre coming out with an over the knee clog boot this fall. That one has me excited. Id love to pick up one of the new Sanita clog boots, but their styles run small. I ordered a 42 from ASOS, and had to admit defeat. Its going back today.

Oh, yeah, and I placed an order for an NYLA knee high clog boot last week. I really favor the chunkier heels that are out now, and this pair is more of a throwback to the stiletto clog look. Ill have to see how it works on me.

So thats whats caught my eye lately. I do work within a limited budget so I cant purchase everything that Id like to. That, as Ive said, has made me pickier. And for the moment, Im rather content with what Ive picked up. That, as you also know, could change in an instant depending on what comes on the market in the next week. But for now, Ive got a happy closet!

Thanks for asking.

Happy anniversary Lindsey!

Happy Anniversary! I'm so glad I found you. All of my mornings start off with YOU and a lovely cup of coffee. Nothing could be better !

Thank you!

Happy Anniversary! I hope you have many more years to look back on. Thanks for sharing with us your passion for clogs, and keeping us up on the latest. You are appreciated!

Thanks for the detailed response!
I love the Vince Camuto Christie clogs. If money were not object then I'd say keep them no matter what. They are beautiful enough to use as objects d'art.

Also, thanks for this blog! I happened upon it months and months ago while searching for a clog/pump/sandal hybrid. I've visited your site daily ever since. Thanks to you I found way more options than my wallet needs to know about! :D

Tell me about it! Money is on the tighter side for me right now, but I know wood soled shoes are not going to ride high on the fashion scene for long so Im trying to stock up now for the clog drought that I know will someday come!

Did I tell you I use shoes as decoration around my condo already? I had a prized pair of Michael Kors oxford clogs in my studio that I finally decided to list on eBay...until my daughter said shed be interested in them. I have thought about putting out he Christies in just that way. And if the money isnt needed elsewhere for a pair of shoes I might spend more time wearing, I just might.

And thank you for being a regular reader. Im always digging around online for shoes that interest me. It suddenly crossed my mind that I could make good use of all my research and share what Id found was other people who might be interested. Clogs are just such an unusual little corner of the fashion world, but were a very passionate corner, Ive discovered!

Thank you for making every day clogfully delicious! I look forward to all your hard work, I learn from you, and I spend money on shoes because of you—without ever having met, you are my BFF!! Yours is one of only four blogs I follow every day and the ONLY one about shoes! You rock and so do your clogs! Cheers!!

You have just made my month! Possibly even my year!

Thank you!

happy anniversary lindsey! you know how much i love your blog!

Danke! And thank you for all of your assistance over the past year!

Oh, my! What a lot of fun shoes I now have in my closet. Nice to have a blog like this to justify my time shopping online!

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