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It is about the little things isnt' it? I have never noticed the video link on Zappos.com before. Now I know I can find out a litte more about the shoe before making the purchase. Thanks for bringing awareness to this feature! Zappos has the fastest delivery servie of any online store I've ever experienced. I can order a pair of shoes one day and have them arrive the next. I don't know how they do it.

Im just blown away by the free shipping and free returns. Wow!

This blog put a HUGE smile on my face!! I'm so glad that you dig the videos that we do here at Zappos!! You can follow us on twitter and on our facebook : zappos.com video team :o)

Why thank you! You guys have the coolest company ever! Every contact I have with Zappos.com just blows me away. Keep doing what you do! And thank you for making an appearance on my blog. I know my readers will love the videos.

(By the way, do you get to keep the products you demo? Wouldnt that be sweet!)

We wish! :)

Hmm. Where can I drop the idea in a suggestion box as a recommendation for a new employee perk?

You guys (er gals) are so Cool. Zappos know how to promote their products. Bet business is booming!

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