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Applause, applause !!!!!

Yep...I'd be staring at my feet all day in secret (or not so secret) delight. FABULOUS!!

It is very nice. I would like also... one times...

oh wow, lindsey! these are so great! love the colour scheme, and the little round accent on the ankle!

Thank you all! I feel bad for all my other clogs which are now green with envy as they eye the attention and wear this pair is getting!

Oh my goodness! Fantastic!

I have been following your blog very day for quite a while, and it is wonderful---but this has to be the best post ever! How extraordinary are your new clog boots---I am off to order a pair of clog saddle shoes, having lusted for them ever since you originally mentioned Mark's work on your blog. Wlak tall in your awesome boots, ma'am!

God bless you for writing! I was just having a rough afternoon at work in front of my computer today, and your message made the clouds part and the sun shine. Thank you so much! (And when you receive your saddle shoes, be sure to send a picture or two!)

Really cool. Love to see the creativity and old world craftsmanship come to life. Thanks for posting!

Sweet! Awesome! You finally did it!

Wow! What a rush to actually make these shoes happen! A once in a lifetime event, for sure!

Ha, ha, ha! Well, I have plenty more ideas where this pair came from! Just have to win the lotto to finance them!

My Mom and Aunt both had Multnomah's in high school during the 40's. I had a pair made as a high school student back in the 80's. Mark has refurbished my HS pair and they look like new! Seems like 2010 is the right year to order a pair of boots - thanks for the post!

And thank YOU for dropping by! If it wouldnt be too much trouble, send in a photo of your refurbished Multnomahs! Id love to see that vintage pair. Im loving my new clog boots big time...even in the summer. So glad I found the Multnomah site!

Will do when I get home - wish I had the REAL vintage ones that were in the family... they were suede with a single strap detail across the front. We used them as gardening shoes when I was a kid.

Dont get me started on the number of clogs that I got rid of over the years thinking I was done with them!

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