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I struggled with the same thing. Wear them confidently, because if you do, clogs can make you look like a rock star (literally, as Lindsey has documented, there are quite a few rock star clog wearers).
Now I get compliments on them all the time, or guys asking me about them, and if you're not shy about it, the asker will be thinking about trying some themselves. Make a statement!


Hey Carl!
I've been wearing them pretty frequently since sending in my story, and have also acquired a black pair to rotate with. Nobody has seemed to notice or care, but I managed to convince another really good friend of mine to try clogs. Actually didn't really have to convince him, just decided to wear my Sanitas when we hung out, and he commented on them, saying they looked pretty cool. The following week we hung out again and he had gotten a pair of his own, and kept saying how awesome clogs were. And still, nobody noticed either of us. So we're bringing them back!

Hi PH:

Bravo on finding within yourself the courage to wear the clogs you like so much. In my experience, the key to any fashion choice, no matter how iconoclastic, is confidence - being assertive without being aggressive. And once past that nagging voice, we realize people tend to notice less than we think - as you've experience. Sometimes it's our paranoia, as it were, that makes us feel judged more than we actually are. In my experience, I generally get compliments for my clogs (usually from women) when I wear them. The same is true for the foot bling I like to wear.

So keep on cloggin' on. You're definitely not the only guy out there who likes to wear clogs. Maybe someday this not-so-secret socity will reach a critical mass. Maybe then clog makers will devote more attention to coming up with imaginative designs beyond what they do for their womens' line.

Thanks for sharing your story.

Thank you Frederik -- been wearing my new black clogs regularly lately, and clogging on by - nobody notices or cares. And you're absolutely right, the attitude is everything. I go about in my clogs thinking three things: knowing my clogs look awesome; I look pretty cool too in them; and "there's nothing odd or unusual about my outfit so what are you looking at?". I hope there's a way to get the men's clog trend back into gear. I'm doing my best by wearing my pair.

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