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I am very jealous that Philip has so many great clogs and sandals to choose from. It must be hard to decide on which pair to wear. I would love to see him wear them and display how he pairs them to clothing

I'm in awe. Thanks for sharing. My problem is lack of space. If I had more space I'd get more clogs. Philip you've reminded me that I need to dig out my Sanita wedge clogs. They are so comfortable. I had a shoemaker add a back strap which keeps me from walking out of them.

What size are those Sanita wedge clogs? Havnt seen that style larger than 40 eu often

Carl: I can't speak for Philip, but I did get a pair of those Sanita wedge clogs in a 42 when they were a brand new style. Oddly, they didn't fit right. A weird combination of too little room in the toe area and too wide and loose over the instep. I ended up releasing them to the greater clog loving world through eBay. They were offbeat enough that I wanted to make them a regular pair, but it was sadly not to be. Set up a saved search on eBay and you might locate a pair in your size, though

I love the Swedish Hasbeens. They are a fantastic brand, but they are a bit pricey. Every once in a while they appear on sale somewhere, so I keep searching!

Gary: I'm a Hasbeens fan, too! It's a shame they cost so much. I have one lone pair of lace up short boots I was able to snag a few years back when they made styles large enough to fit me. And I'm thinking that thanks to you reminding me of them with your comment, I just might wear them to work tomorrow!

Hi Everybody. The Sanita wedge clogs are a size 38. I have another pair in a size 39 but they are a fraction long. I am usually a size 39 in trippen but these sandals are a size 38. The berkemann clog sandals are also a 38 and in the Troentorp Bastad brand my size can vary from a 37 -39 depending on the style. The London underground brand runs true to size.

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