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Thank you for the share. I'd like to suggest that Maguba is another Swedish brand of wooden clogs for women and they have a wonderful collection on offer. And they too offer selection based on color like Troentorp.

I'm a massive Troentorp fan. I purchased the Penny clog in Bordeaux this past fall. Great color and great clog. This has reminded me that I have a pair of Lindsey clogs in the same color. Lindsey I sent you a picture years ago. I wonder if you still have it? I've also found out that there's a Maguba shop in London. I'm going to have to pay them a visit.

London Lady: So delightful to hear from you! I'm a big fan of colorful shoes these days, and seeing all those raspberry colored clogs together has my head reeling with delight! Troentorp was one of my gateway brands. My second pair, if I recall clearly. I got their closed heel styles and wore it for years. And then I started to develop this interest in high-heeled clogs and never looked back!

If you're referring to the Lindsey clogs that Sven Clogs assembled, I believe both Melissa and I have that same pair. I'll have to follow up with pics in my next post. And dig your photo out of my Inbox archives.

Thanks for the share. As an avid follower of Troentorp's designs, I am pleased to see that you've posted about them here. I got the Van Gogh (http://bit.ly/2lOYFy1) clogs for myself and I can't talk enough about how comfortable they are. The best part about Troentorp, they offer designs for men as well.

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