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Thanks for this. I came here to get away from reading, viewing and hearing about so much unpleasantness. Looking at wooden goodness is a welcomed respite.

Excellent post. I enjoy your blog because you show all these cute and fun clogs, and it's an escape from the rest of the world.

You are right. I imagine most of us, if not all, who come to your website march to different drummers, follow different paths, or whatever description you care to use, see the world differently than most. I hope we can find some peace in the fact that we do matter despite what craziness grips the country at the time. Clogs will help!!!

If you truly wanted this to be a place of escape then you SHOULD HAVE NOT said a word!!! You made it plain and clear who you supported and thus interjected your political opinion into this forum. You suggest that that your side come together to support a demonstration against the current winner of the election. So if your statement"I feel a need to honor the mission of this blog and keep the conversation here on course", so as your side demanded of the other to accept the results of election then you should have and never said a word!!! Just a veiled support of Hillary and the liberal agenda. That is fine but this was the wrong venue to express YOUR opinion. I just want to look and read I DO NOT CARE about your views but my further reading if I continue will ALWAYS be tainted by your comments!!! Even though you own this blog this was just the wrong place to say a word about your views as you said a second time by "What we need are answers.I, unfortunately, have to admit that I have none. Only opinions. And while I'm happy to engage with anyone about those in the right setting, preferably seated comfortably speaking in conversational tones" Then you should have NEVER said a word here!!! And I did not vote for the other candidate!

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