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Oh wow - you've been back online for an entire year and I didn't even know! So excited to have a whole years worth of posts to read and super excited that your blog is live again. I've been clog mad since I was a teenager (now in my forties) and I thought I'd died and gone to heaven when I stumbled upon your blog a few years ago. So here's to a rather belated "good to have you back."

Caro the Clog Fan: Yes! I'm back. We're back! I wish I could post daily like I used to back in my totally freelance days, but now that I have day job hours Monday through Friday, I can only manage to upload an article once a week.

It's fans such as you that make it so worthwhile. I'm glad I can share my own excitement over shoes with people who get it, too!

Caro the Clog Fan: I like your turn of phrase: "clog mad." I think I'll start using that from time to time.

Look for a new post to go online later today (Chicago time).

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