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Awwww X 2! And: great to see you're back! I know I'll be reading every weekend!

Great to have you back Lindsey Even if it is only on the weekend it's better than nothing and I can't wait for the next blog.

Welcome back Lindsey! I cannot wait to feast my eyes and possibly challenge the fatness of my purse with more wooden soled eye candy. Once a week is more than nothing a week I've done the math like Philip. :-) I'm a happy lady to check in as I used to. I love the baby clogs. What a lucky kid.

Lindsey I've drooled over your gorgeous Vogs before but I just checked out Melissa's platform sandals. They are fierce! I wish I could wear heels but I'm finding many low heeled beauties out there too. Hasbeens have been doing a great job.

Thank you all! Call me crazy, but I thought manufacturers were drifting away from wood-soled shoes, and therefore I would have a hard time finding anything to post about. In actual fact, I've spotted something new I've lusted after every month. The good news is I have no shortage of material to post about. And with your help, I'll be able to publish something once a week with ease.

So many times I have had the notion to email you asking for just one photo of what's new in the wooden goodness world! And then this morning came your email - I thought I was seeing things!! I can't say how glad I am to have my favorite blog back, and to hear that you and Melissa are well. (And music suggestions are always appreciated.)

So glad you're back at it! I'll be looking forward to you wowing us with new wooden heeled goodies each week.
And those tiny saddle shoes on that adorable little lass? Too cute! I just wanna pinch her cheeks - and snag some shoes like that for myself! ;)

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