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Not only do I say, "hi," but "thank you." I found you by googling wood soled shoes, but I read and read and read some more, until I could not hold back from commenting, because you write well, have the same sense of humor as me, love shoes as much as I do, and perhaps most exceptional, you posted every single day. In my experiences in the world of blogging, that's rare, if not unique. And you, Lindsey, are unique. As we began to communicate with frequency, how could I not want to get to know you more? I learned that you are smart, funny, weird, gorgeous, musical, creative, weird, decent, understanding, an accomplished talent in your industry, a dedicated parent, not a woman, patient, accepting, weird, and so worth loving. Were it not for ECHID, I never would have known any of that, I dare say. I love you, darling man.

I too care so much about the ECHID community you've built; I for one vote for staying in touch on Facebook!

Did you happen to mention that I'm weird?

I love you, too, honeybee! What a miracle that we found each other!

Hi Lindsey and Malissa. Thank you both for the years of ECHID and the wonderful experience of viewing your collection of clogs and boots over the years.Also the imformation on new styles and clog makers from around the world. With my limited experience with shoe/clog manufacturing you don't appreciate the effort gone into the design and manufacturing until you try it yourself. It's a sad day for your readers around the world ,but as the saying goes Life must go on.I wish you both all the best in the future and keep clogging on. Here is another vote for facebook.

Well, well, well! I finally take a break out of studying (because it's crunch time, so I need a diversion), and here I am finding your last post! I want to thank you so much for providing some glorious diversion throughout the bulk of my law school career, and now I will have to find some other source for the remaining year I have of it. I am so glad you got your story out! (And hopefully I'll have time to read it all before you take down the site completely -- I still won't be able to start for another couple weeks). I think the best part about this blog has been watching your relationship with Melissa unfold. The two of you are an inspiration. Best wishes to both of you in your new adventures!

Tea: You're one of the many readers that make me want to keep this blog alive in some form or other. Still scratching my head to find a way to do that. Glad I could provide a diversion during law school...and what a treat to meet you when Melissa and I were first courting. Life has its moments of delights, doesn't it?

Stay tuned. I'll keep you posted on developments!

I've only been coming here for a few months, but I feel like I am part of a tight-knit community with a special passion. On one hand, I'm sorry to see it end, but I can imagine how much time and effort you've put into it. You have a new chapter opening in your life, and you have to devote all the time you can to each other. The best of luck to you, Lindsey and Melissa.

Gary: Thanks for your comment. It isn't an easy decision to step away from this blog that has been both a labor of love and an outlet for my passions. I know I've touched a lot of people around the world with it, and that makes it even more difficult to walk away from. I wish I had a solution. My hope was that in the three years I invested in it, it would begin to pay for itself or that serious advertisers would be interested in supporting it. As it turned out, I have indeed opened a new chapter in my life and the chilling effect the recession put on my paying career has appeared to have finally reached a turning point. Plus my burgeoning interest in being a performing musician has made new opportunities available locally. It simply makes sense for me to put my energies in new directions. 

I hate to say goodbye. But I don't know how to carry on. I'm glad to have met everyone here. I find it reassuring and heartwarming that we're all out there finding ways to be ourselves. It puts me in mind of that Robert Louis Stevenson quotation that I try to live by:

To know what you prefer instead of humbly saying "Amen" to what the world tells you you ought to prefer, is to have kept your soul alive.

I'm not on Facebook – and I think I'll keep it that way, to keep my sanity ;-).
I've really enjoyed reading the blog and seeing all these amazing shoes & people go by!

Let's all keep our souls alive and our shoes in working order!

Johanna: Thanks for your readership and participation all these many months! I looked forward to seeing your name in the From field for a new Comment. It truly was a delight to have so many far flung footwear fanatics come together on the blog. I hope to find a way to stay in touch with everyone with occasional messages in the future. All the best to you and your Crocs wearing husband!

I think I have followed your blog from Johannesburg since day one (almost) and I cannot believe how quickly time has flown. I have often scooped you when it comes to finding beautiful wooden-soled footwear in far-flung places in the world (and on the net) and have enjoyed every minute. We are all thrilled for you and Melissa and wish you all the best for the future! I will certianly stay in touch via email.
It just seems such a pity that all your wonderful blog posts (not to mention clog photos) cannot stay up here for posterity - it is too important to have it simply vanish. Please try keep it alive on Facebook or some other "Cloud" type server - I!'m sure your many fans will try think of creative ways to do so. After all, how can you not share your (and Melissa's) new clog acquisitions with all of us???
Thank you for all you have done for us! If we ever land up in Chicago we certainly hope to meet up with you guys!
Kind regards, Warren and Sharon in S Africa!

Warren: OMG! If it hadn't been for you, I might only now be discovering those amazing Chanel clogs that started the craze a couple years back! Thank you for your input and your support all this time! I've enjoyed this community of fans immensely, and I'm reluctant to say goodbye. I may indeed just leave it online for awhile and see if some other inspiration carries it to a new level. Sadly, Melissa and I are discovering that the shoes we crave have fallen out of favor in the world of fashion and we're reduced to enjoying past purchases and scouring eBay for other people's castoffs. (Which admittedly is one of the benefits of fashion cycles.) When I do decide what the next step should be, I'm planning to post it on the blog AND notify all the readers I've conversed with via e-mail. Here's to whatever the future holds!

And yes, I would love to catch up with you in person if our paths ever are fated to cross. Do stay in touch!

Your dedication and love for the wooden clog has helped me and my company so much over the years,. I have truly valued our friendship and all that you have done. Hope to meet you in person some day!!!! Much love to you and Melissa and hope for many happy wooden clog years ahead <3

Rabiah: You most definitely RAWK! You ARE a lion! And I remain in awe of you and all that you've accomplished! Here's hoping we can meet someday. Now that I've lured Melissa to the midwest, I can't predict the next time we'll be within driving distance of the Outer Banks. But I live in hope. It would be very cool to meet you in person! Please, let's stay in touch.

Lindsey, I've so enjoyed this page for the past couple years. It's been so great to realize that I'm not alone in having a passion for a "solid, wooden foundation" and a love for "altitude" and not just the kind I can get when piloting an airplane or standing on a running horse. I've realized more fully through this blog that this passion is something that defines part of life's experience and beauty. Indeed I fully know that because of my fierce determination to preserve my wife's ability to enjoy great footwear I have also saved her from an outdated and barbaric form of "treatment" for her ankle injury. Thank you again and I hope to meet you in person in the future.

It has taken me this long to comment because . . . I don't want it to end. The story of you and Melissa is truly wonderful. I am sure there are many more chapters to be written! Your blog was so well written, and so visually pleasing that it was my first "go-to" read of the day. But with your new life I can completely understand that you have other things to do, and writing a post every day was certainly very time-consuming. But I too vote for the Facebook option - let your readers do the work and post what they find! And you and Melissa can show us what you're doing too. Post a pic, say as much or as little as you (or anyone else) like, and BAM - more wooden goodness! I really wish you and Melissa the best of everything, and thank you for all you have done here.

Tracy: Thank you so much! I've enjoyed getting to know you both on and off the blog, too. We each walk our paths through life alone, but it is such a comfort to know there are others who are blazing similar trails. Here's hoping all goes well with your wife's surgery. Keep me posted, and I'll pass along the news to other readers.

Jan: Thank you for your kind words! There are more chapters to be written...especially if I want to look into publishing my tale. Apparently I've only written half a book in terms of word count. Someday I may hunker down and see if there's anything to do about that. Obviously a project for those days when I'm staring at the wall looking for something to do. (Ha!) I truly hate bringing this blog to an end. It's been such a true community here. As our world here starts to settle down again (I've got both my kids returning home from college this month so there's more excitement waiting in the wings), I'll figure out what direction to go. Facebook is enticing as an option, but it has its shortcomings, too. Whatever solution evolves, I will be sure to let you and my other regular readers hear about it via e-mail.

All the best!

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