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Wow, what a great story. I feel for Melissa and her great loss - and I marvel that in this big world you two found each other. ECHID is so special in so many ways, and now this . . . And I share your excitement at the Miista photo Lindsey. It is fun to see you after all this time! Melissa should be glad she met you before you posted this photo, because, as someone said, "I love a guy in high heeled boots, and you, sir, rock these gorgeous miistas!" I am looking forward to more happy chapters in this saga.

Jan: Thank you so much! I wish I could put this story more quickly. I feel as though too much time passes between installments. But then, I can only write as fast as I can write. I have plans to finish it soon, though! Stay tuned!

Those are awesome looking boots and you have a great look with them and now I'm wanting a pair of those too. What a wonderful story and thanks so much for sharing it.

How cool you can get, dude?? I am getting more and more interested in the music you do and especially in your radio works... is that possible to tune you into my broadcast on the net?

Andras: Thanks very much! Shoot me an e-mail at the address that's linked on my About page and I'll point you to the station I do a show on.

I have been a reader for at least two years, and I have enjoyed the blog so much. I never comment on any blogs because I am very shy, but I felt the need to let you know that I admire and appreciate your openness so very much in writing your story. Thank you.

Tess: Thank you so much for overcoming your shyness and taking the time to write! I have enjoyed the journey of this blog immensely. Little did I realize when I started it that it would take me where it did! I hope you'll stick around as I figure out where to go from here!

Your story gets more riveting with each edition. It's like the old serials that were popular in the theaters during the 30's and 40's. You couldn't wait to see the next episode. (Yeah, I'm an old movie fan.) It is great that everything has turned out so well for you. I'm glad I found your site. Do you have any old bass guitars? I played bass years ago, and I still have my first bass. Along with shoes, I've always been interested in guitars.

Hi Lindsey, I haven't had much time lately to visit your blog as frequently as I used to or to leave comments, but I still do pop in every now and again to follow your story (and Melissa's). I 'suspected' you were a bloke quite early on! And I was happy to be proved right. ;-)
It's a good thing, guys wearing heels in this world in which we are so often pushed into cubbyholes.
I'll keep passing by from time to time to see where things are going!

Gary: Thanks so much for your kind words! I'm nearing the point of my story that seems like a natural place to bring it to a close. It's a tale I felt I needed to tell, and it's been gratifying to have it so well received!

I only took up the bass about 15 years ago when my ex- enlisted the help of a musician friend to acquire a used Fender 4-string for me. But the lure of a low B was too strong to resist, and I soon got myself my first 5-strings: a Schak and an Ibanez. Then last year, I treated myself to a Spector fretless 5-string. That's as far as my collecting has gone, though. I feel a need to master the instrument before I stock up on more. Shoes, on the other hand, are always easy to acquire!

Johanna: Thank you for dropping by! I have missed hearing from you and have wondered how you are! It's been a very satisfying experience creating and maintaining this blog, and meeting delightful readers such as yourself has been part of the payoff. I'm feeling my creativity called in new directions at this point, though, but I am planning to keep the blog alive without having to post daily. Please keep coming by for a visit. Melissa and I both enjoy reading what you have to say!

I too love you even more! It's been awhile since I checked in but your blog is the only blog I feel truly connected to. I'm so glad I found this post. You are awesome! I wish you the very best in what ever is the next chapter. All my love! Carla
P.S. who's gonna care about my wood shoe fixation as much as you?

Carla: Thank you so much! I feel there is a true community that developed here on this blog. So I'm not planning to pack up shop. I will have to cut back on how often I post. But as soon as I finish the next chapter, this phase of storytelling should be at an end, and I plan to resume blogging. There are wood sole fixations to be tended to!!!

By the way, my daughter the jewelry major is working on her senior project at the moment. If you're interested, I'll send links to you via e-mail.

Thanks for pouring out your story on your blog. Can't wait for Chapter 13!

Laressa: Thank you! The rough draft for next chapter is done. Now to polish it for publication!

Hi Lindsey,

I have not checked in for a while and now this. I have love your blog and the community you've created. I have not been enjoying my clogs much of late due to knee surgery but now that I'm on the mend I will be wearing my Lindsey biker clogs and always have a fond thought of you.

Melissa, I too lost the love of my life but it was a number of years ago. I wish you all the best. You will not get over it but will get through it with the help and love of those who love you. I didn't think I would but I did. I still have not met anyone but at this point in time, it's not a burning desire. I have a great life here in London (I used to live in California) and great friends. I see that you already have a wonderful friendship with Lindsey.

If either one of you are ever in London, drop me a line. Lindsey knows how.

Thank you Lindsey for a wonderful time and a long distance hug has been sent. I hope you felt that. :-)

London Lady: Thank you so much! It's been a good community here, and I'm reluctant to simply say goodbye to it. I hope to keep the blog alive with weekly posts once I write the final chapter of my story. There are enough clogs worth commenting about, I think, though the impetus to buy everything in sight has ebbed. Still, there's some footwear fun to be had.

Thanks for checking in. It's good to hear from you.  

All of this just to get a girl. Man that is devotion. Lindsey your writing is impeccable and presentation and content second to none. How you can find so much to write on is beyond me. I was very happy to find a blog that was about clogs and wood shoes and not a fetish or a gay site. There is plenty of that out there if you want it. You rock your style with the best of them (Steve Tyler would be proud) and set the stage for the rest of us. I am going through a divorce and my time has to be spent elsewhere but, I check in on my phone when I can. Hmm what kind of blog should I do to attract a girl??? I did go out with a girl who was wearing white Bastad Mariahs on the first date. Good start.

Evan: Thank you! Good luck with your journey. To be honest, I didn't set out to meet a partner through my blog. It was just one of the benefits of putting myself out there and seeing what happened. I plan to keep the blog alive in a weekly form. Keep stopping by!

Lindsey, I too have loved your blog for a long while but am finally moved to comment by this series- you have a great "voice" and have me on the edge of my seat! Can't wait to find out where this leads...

Also, I had no idea you were a fellow Chicagoan- I must have missed that!

Thanks so much! It's a story that's been a lifetime in the making! I've been trying to wrap up the next chapter for the last two weeks, but I've had an uptick in freelance work since my fiancee moved in, and time to write has been scarce. There is more to come, though! Stay tuned!

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