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Holy crow, Lindsey, I was so startled by your news, I fell off my clogs and broke my promise!

• Ha ha ha! Great April 1 post.
• I am envious of how fastidiously clean your bathtub is. Mine is shockingly horrific.
• Those Melissas look good on Melissa. The lighting in that photo is divine, too.
• Yes, I want to know more about the kid's book (obviously).
• The worst part of this April Fool's post is that you taunt us with telling us that you got some new shoes, but that you're not going to talk about them online, which, in a way, is a broken promise already because you did talk about them by explicitly not talking about them. :(

Tea: Ooo! A logic problem! I LOVE logic problems!

Okay, I promise to devote some time to that children's book. It is outrageous and superb. You need to know about it. And pick up one of the used ones for sale on Amazon.com since it's out of print.

As for the tub, well, that's the one in my second bathroom. The one my kids use when they're home from college. But it hasn't gotten much use since the last cleaning so I look like the ideal housekeeper. Which I most assuredly am not. To be totally honest, I also had a wad of hair I pulled out of my own bathroom tub, but since the porcelain looked rather unappealing, I couldn't bring myself to use that image.

Whew! That makes me feel better. You're human after all, ha ha. Though, to be honest, my second bathroom looks pretty awful, too, though that's because the cats use it.

Do tell us about the book. And Jesus, that's a LOT of hair to pull up from the bath tub drain!

Johanna: I don't want to gross anyone out, but in the house where my ex- still lives, we had a standalone stand up shower with a huge drain. And every year or so I'd open it up and pull a plug of hair and goo out of it the size of a rat, I kid you not. The stuff that stops up drains is revolting. But the sensation of getting that blockage removed is transcendental. It seems to symbolize my own hope to get past some of the things that have stopped up my life over the years!

In that case, it's worth it! Here's to more clogs!

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